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Strengthening Energy Security in Europe and Eurasia

Employees at Kosovo’s transmission system operator discuss processes for managing electricity flows
Image courtesy of USAID Ukraine
Tetra Tech has advanced the development of resilient power systems, opened markets for clean energy competition, and improved energy sector governance in Europe and Eurasia for more than 25 years.

Energy is vital to economic growth and social development and is inextricably linked to climate change and political independence. In Eastern Europe and Eurasia, a legacy of corruption and lack of transparency dissuaded investment in modern energy infrastructure. A resurgent foreign effort to use energy supply for political leverage also threatens regional security and stability.


  • $262 million in investment mobilized for energy projects and critical infrastructure
  • 56 megawatts of renewable energy generation capacity competitively procured
  • 53 energy laws, policies, regulations, and standards proposed, adopted, or implemented
  • 1,034 people trained in cybersecurity, energy management, and gender equality fields

In 2017 the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) selected Tetra Tech to implement the four-year Development of Regional Energy Markets (DREM) project. Through DREM, Tetra Tech advanced the goals of the U.S.–Europe Energy Bridge, which seeks to strengthen energy security in Europe and Eurasia. The U.S.–Europe Energy Bridge aims to empower USAID partner countries to invest in critical infrastructure, promote cleaner and more reliable energy generation, and transform energy sectors to benefit people and businesses.

Tetra Tech worked with national governments, international institutions, and the private sector in Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Greenland, Kosovo, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Ukraine. Our technical and policy experts contributed to key achievements in all three Energy Bridge pillars:

Competitive Energy Markets Integrated with Europe

  • Led the process to establish the Albanian Power Exchange, enabling transparent and efficient electricity trade between Albania and Kosovo and promoting regional market integration
  • Assisted the Government of North Macedonia to implement renewable energy laws in compliance with European Union (EU) requirements
  • Advanced efforts to link the electricity markets of Moldova and Ukraine to improve energy security, promote transparency, and align with the EU’s Third Energy Package

Critical Infrastructure Investment

  • Supported the Government of North Macedonia to sign contracts to construct 11 solar power plants
  • Improved energy efficiency at three district heating companies in Serbia, reducing the use of natural gas, cutting operational costs by nearly $500,000, and eliminating 5,300 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in one year
  • Supported the delivery of reliable sanitary hot water in the maternity and surgery departments in Serbia for the first time, a milestone documented in a Tetra Tech-produced video
  • Conducted a feasibility study to secure $149 million to modernize key points on Ukraine’s electricity grid, which ultimately helped synchronize Ukraine’s system with the European power grid

Critical Infrastructure Resilience

  • Built capacity in North Macedonia to prevent and respond to cybersecurity threats on energy and public infrastructure
  • Improved performance at Albania’s national electricity distribution company by increasing efficiency, modernizing metering systems, and training the workforce to deliver stable and secure electricity for all Albanians
  • Conducted a malign influence study of critical infrastructure in Georgia and Serbia and designed an analytic framework of malign influence across the region

Tetra Tech supported efforts to improve the legal and business environments and modernized infrastructure in the region. DREM partner countries are increasingly participating in regional markets and providing consumers with more reliable and affordable energy.

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