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Transfer, Recycling, and Processing Facilities

Two garbage trucks inside a transfer station facility

Tetra Tech plans and designs specialized materials recovery facilities (MRF) for municipal, commercial, and industrial clients who transfer, transport, and process various solid waste and material types.

Tetra Tech assists clients through the siting, planning, permitting, and design of waste processing and transfer facilities. With combined experience on more than 225 recycling, material recovery, co-composting, transfer, and maintenance projects, we can solve nearly any waste processing challenge. Our solutions merge the operational insight gained from national and international projects with the demands of local markets. To create short- and long-term value, we use a holistic approach, considering all facets of facility operation, the value of the end-product, and emerging trends in the waste management industry.

3D rendering of a new transfer station and recycling facility

Facility Planning

Tetra Tech provides market assessments to evaluate technical and financial feasibility of MRFs and other specialized material processing facilities. We address complex challenges at unique sites, such as the Municipality of Anchorage, to ensure facilities are appropriately planned and constructed. The Municipality of Anchorage transfer facility was developed on a geotechnically challenged parcel, requiring surcharging prior to construction activities. It supports a high volume of residential and commercial users and offers a one-stop solution for waste and diversion activities, an indoor tipping environment during inclement weather, and facilities for administrative and fleet maintenance functions.

  • Site feasibility and fatal flaw analysis
  • Site review and selection
  • Concept site layout and operations plans
  • Concept building and equipment layout and operations plans
  • Financial and operational analyses
Man reviewing civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical details for a transfer station


Tetra Tech has permitted transfer and recycling facility development through local, state, and federal agencies in the United States and Canada. We provide comprehensive permitting support to help clients effectively negotiate the complexities of the local regulatory environment and efficiently and effectively move their projects to completion.

  • Site plan approval process
  • Solid waste facility permit applications
  • Environmental and health impact study preparation
  • Air quality control system design and permitting
  • Solid waste management plan development
Access roadway from material recovery facility to a solid waste intermodal facility


Tetra Tech’s transfer station and MRF designs are based on proven operational models, industry innovations, client feedback, and knowledge gained from more than 50 successfully constructed facilities. These refinements enhance and improve facility operations, profitability, regulatory compliance, and energy efficiency.

  • Preliminary design, development, and construction
  • Construction level designs (plans and specifications)
  • Construction cost estimates
  • Project scheduling

Tetra Tech’s transfer station and MRF designs are based on proven operational models, industry innovations, client feedback, and knowledge gained from more than 50 successfully constructed facilities.

Four employees on the floor of the transferring station reviewing equipment set up


We help clients select equipment that meets the needs of the local waste environment, and we have significant experience developing bid documents and specifications for uniquely optioned and modified industrial equipment. Tetra Tech streamlines the procurement process to obtain the necessary equipment in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Bid document preparation
  • Bid solicitation
  • Bid evaluation
Construction inspectors certifying a transfer facility has been completed in compliance with construction plans

Construction Management

Tetra Tech offers various project delivery methods during facility construction to help meet our clients’ unique needs, from owner’s representative to field services. Our comprehensive services allow us to meet various project requirements in-house.

  • Owner’s representative services
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Field services
  • As-built and certification package preparation
Bulldozer moving waste inside a transfer station

Existing Facility Review

Tetra Tech has extensive experience helping clients optimize building performance and efficiency. By conducting thorough operational reviews, we identify opportunities for cost savings and maximize the full potential of existing facilities.

  • Operational review and improvements
  • Organizational, business, and process review
  • Facility retrofit and repair
  • Condition assessment and asset management
  • Operations request for proposal (RFP) preparation

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