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Dams, Levees, and Reservoirs 

Landscape view of a dam

Tetra Tech provides full-service support to meet our clients’ needs in maintaining and improving critical dam, levee, and reservoir infrastructure that protects life, property, and the environment.

Our team of engineers, scientists, planners, economists, and risk analysts use our Leading with Science® approach to plan, analyze, and design new dams, levees, and reservoirs and rehabilitate or expand existing infrastructure. We support federal, international, state, provincial, municipal, private owners and stakeholders in improving the resiliency and effectiveness of their projects while meeting legal requirements and mandates.
Aerial view of a dam that Tetra Tech helped develop

Dams and Reservoirs

Engineering News-Record (ENR) has ranked Tetra Tech within the top design firms in Dams and Reservoirs for more than 20 years. Our work spans the full range of engineering design and related services for wet construction of new dams, dam modification, rehabilitation, and decommissioning, as well as locks and hydropower facilities around the world.
  • Planning and design
  • Dam inundation studies and emergency action plans
  • Hydropower
Inspecting an urban levee along the Los Angeles River

Levees and Floodwalls

Tetra Tech solves our clients’ most complex flood risk challenges, including improving the reliability of existing infrastructure, addressing increased risks, assessing the need for new facilities to meet new challenges, and assessing compliance of levee systems to meet current requirements. Our integrated approach to decreasing flood risk with projects that include levees and floodwalls enables our team to develop projects that satisfy stringent technical criteria, environmental constraints, and government regulations.

  • Planning and design
  • Breach analysis
  • Inspection
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency levee certification
  • Risk assessment
  • Economic analysis

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Our featured dams, levees, and reservoirs highlights

A hydroelectric facility beside a lake and snowy mountains

Designing One of the Highest Head Hydroelectric Projects in the World

View along the earthen levee—Central Wetlands is the flooding source (right) and protection is provided to adjacent residents

Designing and Certifying a Levee System in Louisiana According to FEMA Criteria

Intelligent Water System Central Control Room designed by Tetra Tech

Building Community Resiliency with Intelligent Water Management 

Microseismic technology for tailings dams monitoring in front of a body of water

Mitigating Risks for Tailings Dams with Microseismic Technology

View of the Potomac Park Floodwall System along 17th Street in Washington, D.C.

Upgrading the Potomac Park Flood Protection System in Washington, DC

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