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Man with a Tetra Tech high visibility vest holds a tablet and watches a man digging a trench in Malawi

Tetra Tech’s engineering and architecture experts deliver sustainable designs that address infrastructure challenges in developing countries around the world.

Tetra Tech delivers safe and sustainable infrastructure using our Leading with Science® approach to help improve access to clean drinking water, sanitation, roads and bridges, health clinics, schools, government buildings, and reliable energy. We are a leading implementing partner for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). Leveraging our Tetra Tech Delta suite of proprietary technologies and analytical tools, we help governments and communities reemerge from instability and conflict and achieve their goals in health, education, economic growth, food security, and climate change.

We engage with stakeholders to provide capacity building and work closely with local governments and institutions to build their financial and managerial capacity for operations and maintenance to ensure long-term sustainability of donor-funded infrastructure projects.

Group of engineers assess a drainage canal design in Haiti


Tetra Tech’s inclusive, data-based approach helps keep planning activities focused on developing infrastructure that has long-term viability after donor organization financing has concluded. We recognize the critical importance of supporting gender inclusion to achieve economic growth and seek to involve women—as members of local engineering teams, community stakeholders, or local government representatives—in all aspects of infrastructure project planning activities.

A landscape view of a refinished water treatment plant


Tetra Tech develops context-appropriate designs that meet international standards, as well as local government and donor agency standards. We incorporate locally available materials, match local labor capabilities, and require minimal operations and maintenance. Our ability to capture local, social, environmental, and economic factors in our designs helps ensure they are robust, can be implemented in each circumstance, and appropriately address the infrastructure’s impact on vulnerable populations.

Five people in hard hats and high visibility vests stand behind a solar panel

Quality Assurance and Construction Oversight

Tetra Tech provides construction monitoring and oversight services with a focus on training and capacity building to maximize investment and improve local contractor capabilities. We specialize in upholding quality control and quality assurance measures and focus on identifying reasonable solutions to issues that develop throughout the construction phase.

  • Construction oversight
  • Local capacity building and training
A group of men stand around a table looking at a map

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Our environmental specialists, social scientists, and engineers work as a fully integrated team to assist clients with identifying and managing their environmental and social impacts and risks throughout the project life cycle.

Three young boys stand in front of new housing development in Haiti


Tetra Tech supports involuntary resettlement activities that result from infrastructure improvement projects. In accordance with International Finance Corporation Performance Standards and World Bank Guidelines, our resettlement specialists are dedicated to reducing displacement through alternative routing, when possible, and optimizing the resettlement process when displacement cannot be avoided.

An aerial view of a water treatment plant in Liberia

Program Management

Tetra Tech provides program management for complex infrastructure design and construction projects to help our clients meet schedule and quality objectives. We work to avoid contractor claims by applying innovative solutions to challenges encountered during design and construction phases.

  • Cost monitoring
  • Data-driven analytics and reporting

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Students sit at their desks in a new SEED Urban classroom at the newly expanded Kawale school

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Tetra Tech engineer overseeing a construction site for a water supply project

Improving Local Governance and Citizen Services in Moldova

Aerial view of the Timor-Leste coastline where Tetra Tech is conducting an MCC project

Evaluating the Feasibility of Water Infrastructure Improvements in Timor-Leste

Headshot of Tim Michael

Tetra Tech’s Tim Michael Discusses Quality Assurance Oversight for International Development Projects

Headshot of Terri Stiffler

Terri Stiffler Discusses Resettlement Planning and Implementation Oversight

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