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Pioneering Pediatrics: Alder Hey Children’s Hospital – A Parkside Health Haven

Lush gardens outside the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Tetra Tech’s innovative MEP solutions transformed Alder Hey Children’s Hospital into a parkside haven, harmonizing well-being design and clinical requirements for an inspiring healing experience.


Alder Hey Children’s National Health Service (NHS) had an ambitious vision – to create Europe’s only hospital in a park. The challenge was to design a healthcare facility that not only provided top-notch medical care but also offered the best possible environment and experience for patients and their families. The hospital needed to be efficient and effective and foster an atmosphere of healing and comfort.


The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) expertise of Hoare Lea, part of the Tetra Tech High Performance Buildings Group, played a pivotal role in designing an innovative and efficient infrastructure for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Our technical team carefully planned dedicated basement links and vertical cores, strategically optimizing natural daylight throughout the facility. This enabled as many spaces as possible to have views of the park, fostering a sense of tranquility and promoting healing. To support the hospital’s Critical Care Unit layouts, we developed specialized MEP services that allowed patient bays to curve around staff bases, flooded with natural light through thoughtfully placed roof lights. Our team ensured seamless integration of MEP systems, striking the right balance between wellbeing-centered design and clinical functionality.


The hospital’s technical efficiency and innovative design set a new benchmark for healthcare facilities, proving that technical excellence can blend harmoniously with compassionate patient care. Alder Hey Children’s Hospital stands as a shining example of Tetra Tech’s commitment to creating transformative and nurturing spaces that empower the dreams of young patients and their families.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital is Europe’s first children’s hospital built in a park.

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