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Defense Services Solutions

Overhead view of two people with hard hats standing around a table and looking at drawing plans
Tetra Tech is Leading with Science® on worldwide defense programs with innovative engineering, environment, planning, and management solutions.

We manage more than 150 contracts for the Australian Defence Force, UK Ministry of Defence, and the U.S. Department of Defense, providing our clients with premier global resources and exceptional local expertise reaching remote, austere, and hostile regions.

Bald eagle perched on a rock on top of a watershed with a sunset in the background

U.S. Defense Services

Five men standing outside looking at a 3D rendering of a hangar and helicoprter

Architecture, Engineering, and Project Management

Worker wearing a hard hat, goggles, and safety vest examining documents on a clipboard with the job site in the background

Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Conceptual master plan drawing

Master Planning

Worker wearing safety gear and holding a tablet looking towards a green landscape

Environmental Services for Defense

Soldier using virtual reality glasses working with a virtual interface

Information Technology and Cyber Services

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