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Master Planning

Conceptual master plan drawing

Tetra Tech creates collaborative, stakeholder-driven planning solutions to help our military and municipal clients meet their mission, improve resilience, and support a high quality of life for all community members.

We are Leading with Science® using proven analytical processes centered around the communities we serve. Our integrated teams of experts provide tailored solutions to complex issues facing military installations and communities around the world. This highly collaborative and data-driven approach leads to plans that are creative, action-oriented, and realistic.
Tetra Tech facilitating stakeholder discussion during an installation master plan workshop

Community Planning

We create stronger and more resilient communities, whether it’s a military installation or an entire region. We integrate a client’s mission, vision, and existing conditions and constraints with the known planning requirements to generate Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC)-compliant plans that can reliably guide decision-making as the community evolves over time.

  • Vision, goals, and objectives development
  • Installation master planning and planning standards
  • Installation, area, district, and long-range development planning
  • Planning charrette reports
  • Asset evaluations and basic facilities requirements
Military stakeholders present alternative concepts at Camp Guernsey, Wyoming

Stakeholder Engagement

Our certified charrette facilitators are adept at leading diverse stakeholders through multidisciplinary workshops that promote joint ownership of solutions. Rather than solve a problem through disjointed meetings, we bring together experts for an intensive, cooperative effort and use the consensus-built outputs of the planning charrette to create distinctive planning solutions.

  • Public outreach
  • Collaborative planning charrettes
  • Consensus building and facilitation
  • Community and visual preference surveys
Community stakeholders weigh in on military impacts on local life

Military Installation Resiliency

Our work for local and federal government entities makes us uniquely qualified to tackle complex compatible use planning issues. We combined hazard risk analysis, local resilience priorities, and recommended strategies with detailed implementation information in the final Military Installation Resilience Review for the Sierra Army Depot. The report serves as a roadmap for improving community resilience and measuring progress. Tetra Tech takes a holistic view of the installation and surrounding community and considers all aspects of compatible resource use and building solutions that improve the resiliency of the community and military installation.

  • Compatible Use Plans (formerly known as Joint Land Use Studies)
  • Military installation resilience review
  • Encroachment management plans and implementation
Connecticut Army National Guard stakeholders participate in a planning charrette

Building Broad-based Resilience

Tetra Tech’s project experience involves analysis of and strategy development to improve the resilience of critical community infrastructure that military installations rely upon.
  • Military installation resilience
  • Community resilience
  • Utilities resilience
  • Facility and infrastructure resilience

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Our featured master planning highlights

Large-scale flooding in an urban area of the United States submerges streets and impacts infrastructure

Building Broad-based Resilience in Our Facilities, Installations, and Cities

Rendering of a tank at the Special Warfare Training Group Aquatics Tank Facility, with view of observation catwalks

Designing the U.S. Air Force Special Warfare Training Group Aquatic Training Facility 

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