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BELIEVE ERG Leadership Team Wins DEI Achievement Award

BELIEVE employee resource group members attending a National Society of Black Engineers conference

Tetra Tech recognized the contributions of our global BELIEVE Employee Resource Group (ERG) to creating an inclusive working environment with the Company’s inaugural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Achievement Award.

The DEI Achievement Award is part of our annual Excellence & Achievement Awards program, which highlights the loyalty, effort, excellence, and spirit of giving across the company. We initiated this program more than 20 years ago to recognize individuals, teams, and operating units that exhibit outstanding performance and support our culture of community service and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The BELIEVE ERG leadership team were recognized for positively impacting our DEI Program and promoting a working environment and community where employees are valued for their contributions.

Preston Hopson, Tetra Tech Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary and BELIEVE’s corporate sponsor said, “As Tetra Tech’s first chartered ERG, it is meaningful for BELIEVE to receive the inaugural DEI Achievement Award. The fact that the nomination was made by the allies of BELIEVE is even more special.”

As Tetra Tech’s first chartered ERG, it is meaningful for BELIEVE to receive the inaugural DEI Achievement Award.

Preston Hopson, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary

Setting the foundation for Tetra Tech’s ERG Program

The BELIEVE leadership team played a pivotal role in the founding of Tetra Tech’s global ERG Program and continues to drive ERG growth and provide individual leadership within our overall DEI Program.

BELIEVE stands for Black Employees Leading in Innovation, Enthusiasm, Vision, and Excellence and was Tetra Tech’s first chartered ERG. BELIEVE provides a forum for Black employees and allies from around the world to engage in dialogue and exchange resources. The leadership team has worked to organize programming for employees and establish partnerships to support hiring goals.

BELIEVE has now grown to 243 members and allies across all of Tetra Tech’s divisions, with members from 11 countries on 5 continents. In addition to employee programming, the ERG continues to focus on mentoring, recruitment and retention, and expanding their reach through external partnerships that include the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and HBCU Connect, to attract new talent.

Supporting employee recruitment and retention

“Since its inception in 2020, BELIEVE has been driven by a committed team determined to make Tetra Tech a more inclusive environment for Black employees,” said Kwashie Strong, vice president and division human resources director and BELIEVE deputy chair. The ERG regularly holds meetings to engage, inform, and connect members and allies, focusing on mental health, financial literacy, allyship, mentorship, professional development, networking, recruitment, and retention.

BELIEVE has established strategic partnerships to support hiring goals, worked to make employees safer, led successful companywide celebrations, and focused on retention through mentoring. They have succeeded in this by:

  • Partnering with the NSBE as part of Tetra Tech’s commitment to invest in the growth of the next generation of Black engineers
  • Partnering with HBCU Connect in support of Tetra Tech’s goals to attract and recruit a diverse talent pool from Historically Black Colleges & Universities
  • Working with Tetra Tech’s Health and Safety Council to develop a DEI-specific companywide evaluation process called Field Strategies for At Risk Individuals
  • Leading a companywide recognition of Black History Month and Juneteenth
  • Helping mentees create short- and long-term goals, balance workloads effectively, and understand career advancement opportunities within Tetra Tech

The BELIEVE leadership team’s efforts contributed to Tetra Tech being recognized with the Environmental Business Journal’s inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Award and the National Safety Council’s inaugural DEI Safety Champion Award in the People category.

“This award is a reminder of how fortunate we are to work for a company that fosters an environment where all people are respected, valued, and put in a position to succeed,” Preston said.

Congratulations to our BELIEVE ERG for exemplifying Tetra Tech’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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