Water Services in Australia and New Zealand

Tetra Tech delivers high-quality, practical, and cost-effective solutions throughout all phases of the water cycle across Australia and New Zealand.

Our specialists deliver innovative solutions for our water clients—from planning and approvals through development and operations. Our expertise includes delivering water and water management studies for a broad range of projects and industries across Australia and New Zealand, with services ranging from source development and assessment, conveyance, and treatment through to water reuse and disposal.


Our experienced team of expert hydrogeologists assess and evaluate groundwater resources in the infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, agricultural, and energy markets. Our services include water allocation and supply studies; groundwater baseline assessments, including managing complex field investigations; groundwater modelling; geochemical modelling; water management; and dewatering planning. Our team also can prepare and implement groundwater monitoring programs for clients to manage environmental performance or water resources.


We deliver water resource (including mine water balances), catchment, flood, nutrient, and climate change modelling; trend and regression analysis; policy advice and permit applications; and monitoring of water quality and quantity. We also hold significant expertise in surface water-groundwater interactions; river and water body assessments for water quality, channel stability, riparian health, and stygofauna; management and monitoring plans; and independent review. Our civil engineering team can design and optimize drainage solutions for your project. Our experienced team drafters and engineers use 12D to model earthworks and drainage. We provide these services to local and federal government, mining, urban development, industrial, oil and gas, energy, infrastructure, and agriculture clients.

Aquatic Ecology

Our experienced specialists have completed projects in tropical, arid, and alpine rivers as well as wetlands. We have a comprehensive understanding of the ecological processes occurring in aquatic habitats in estuarine, freshwater, and groundwater environments throughout the region. Our teams assess aquatic flora and fauna; groundwater dependent ecosystems; stygofauna; wetland and riparian environments; port, wharf, and coastal infrastructure; and freshwater and estuarine habitats.

Groundwater Remediation

Our team’s expertise includes a strong understanding of groundwater contamination remediation. We provide stand-alone contaminated site assessment, remediation, and management services for clients across industry and government sectors, often for complex and sensitive projects. Our experts are renowned for their deep understanding of contaminant transport, with extensive experience in modelling contaminant transport in groundwater systems using analytical, predictive, and 3D software programs such as BIOSCREEN, BIOCHLOR, MT3D, and RT3D.

Water Storage, Treatment Design, and Commissioning

We can fully design and detail water treatment plants using the latest 3D technology. Our award-winning 3D modelling capabilities include building information modelling (BIM), construction sequencing, and clash detection. Our multidiscipline engineering team can fully design and detail pipelines and pumping stations to meet unique project needs.

All members of our multidiscipline engineering team model within a unified 3D workspace to produce quick and effective results whilst also reducing site queries and clashes. We complete our projects in accordance with Australian and international standards depending on project requirements.

Water storage

We provide expert design services to meet our clients’ water storage needs. Our capabilities include tanks, ponds, and dams for greenfield and brownfield sites. We also can improve safety and reduce risk by ensuring compliance with access and maintenance regulations.


Our multidiscipline engineering team can assist with plant commissioning. Our experienced structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and process engineers are available to mobilise to the project site and ensure construction and installation is in accordance with the engineering requirements.

Water Asset Condition Assessment and Management

Our multidiscipline engineering team is experienced in asset condition assessment and management of existing assets. We can complete thorough engineering inspections and measurements as well as point cloud surveys to accurately document the exact condition of assets. We frequently complete calculations to determine the residual strength of existing structures, and we design remedial and replacement solutions.

Rainwater and Stormwater Harvesting

We design rainwater and stormwater harvesting schemes, ranging from systems that capture and reuse rainwater within buildings to campus-wide installations that harvest and treat stormwater runoff. These schemes allow harvested water to be used for toilet flushing, irrigation systems, and heat rejection systems such as cooling towers. Our multidiscipline engineering team designs practical systems to balance sources and uses of water across project and sustainability criteria, including meeting targets from Green Star, BREEAM, and NABERS building rating tools.


Our hydraulics team ensures that water conservation measures are suited to client requirements. All designs include the appropriate implementation of greywater, water recycling, and reclamation systems. We also ensure the use of environmentally conscious and energy-efficient water supply systems and the most efficient fittings and fixtures. Our team has experience providing hydraulics across all market sectors for a wide range of services, including wastewater, solar hot water systems, potable water systems, system audit and maintenance programs, water treatment, and infrastructure design.

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