Tetra Tech works with societies to sustainably strengthen weakened social, economic, and governance systems.

Our approach is based on the fundamental premises that security and stability are a public good and service, and that security is necessary to combat poverty, promote effective development, and help install a sense of resiliency toward crime, violence, conflict, and extremism.

Partner countries are typically emerging from violent conflict; are otherwise at risk of becoming fragile or unstable states; or are considered high-priority countries in respect to countering terrorism, extremism, trafficking, and other forms of transnational crime. Our teams work in ungoverned, under-governed, and poorly-governed environments to help promote policy development and implementation; assist with effective institutional strengthening, reform, and capacity building; and support development of partnerships among public institutions, private sector organizations, and community stakeholders.

We accomplish long-term sustainability of secure and stable host country environments through capacity building and technical assistance. Programs are designed and executed using a security and stabilization lens or framework, and include the following:

  • Mentoring, advising, training, and training-of-trainers
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation
  • Strategic change management assistance and dialogue promotion
  • Additional expert technical support, including targeted support for vulnerable population groups

Munitions Response Services

Tetra Tech is a global leader in the identification, abatement, and removal of explosive hazards in some of the world’s most difficult operating environments. Tetra Tech’s munitions response services include munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) and explosive remnants of war (ERW) clearance, humanitarian mine action (HMA), and physical security and stockpile management (PSSM). Learn more about Tetra Tech’s munitions response services.

Criminal Justice and Rule of Law

Institutionalizing democratic rule of law systems provides the cornerstone for stable, secure, and healthy communities and nations. Strengthening, professionalizing, and integrating the three pillars of justice systems—courts, police, and corrections—is essential to security and stabilization. Our teams help develop and execute relevant policies, procedures, and practices that are efficient, fair, and consistent, and that promote transparency and accountability. 

Tetra Tech helps governments, communities, and private sector entities better understand their rights, roles, obligations, and relationships in identifying, managing, and resolving critical public policy challenges. We ensure that these are consistent with international standards, while keeping with cultural norms that do not nullify democratic principles and laws.

Counterterrorism and Counter Violent Extremism

Development and foreign assistance are increasingly integrated into government responses to complex national security challenges, including those associated with promoting sustainable development in the face of conflict, instability, and state failure. Consequently, government and interagency orientations expand to include partnerships with a range of U.S. and international non-governmental actors. Tetra Tech has worked side by side with the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Departments of State and Defense to help prevent, mitigate, and transform violent conflict and instability. We are helping to close the socio-economic and political gaps that permit or facilitate the growth of terrorist and violent extremist ideology and behavior, while promoting community and state resiliency.

Counter Narcotics, Trafficking, and Gangs

Tetra Tech supports specialized efforts that are vital to sustainable development, security, and stability—combating transnational crime and corruption, and counter narcoterrorism.

Trafficking drugs, persons, weapons, and illegitimate finances cause significant consequences for families, communities, businesses, and governments. These issues cause economic “de-value” chains, psychological and physical effects of violence and violent conflict, and weakened governance systems. Tetra Tech has long supported numerous U.S. Department of State and U.S. Agency for International Development bureaus and offices, and other U.S. government agencies, to prevent, counter, and arrest such illegality.

Critical Infrastructure Design and Protection

Tetra Tech has provided both design-build and infrastructure protection services in the midst of hostilities, in high-threat environments, and in areas where security and stability are legitimate concerns. Our clients include U.S. government agencies, international organizations, and private sector entities. Tetra Tech has extensive architecture, engineering, and construction management capabilities.

We also provide a wide range of security risk and vulnerability assessments and technical assistance for land and maritime facilities, assets, and attendant personnel. Our work ranges from evaluating risk and vulnerability, to designing and constructing integrated security systems to scale and providing physical security for embassies, United Nations facilities and private business interests.

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