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Expert Interviews

Our experts discuss today’s trends and challenges in water, environment, sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy, and international development and how they are helping clients prepare for a more resilient future.

Headshot of Brian Thorne

Brian Thorne Discusses Planning and Designing Military Infrastructure

Headshot of Vincent Holloway

Vincent Holloway Discusses Advanced IT Solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense

Headshot of Veronica Cuello

Veronica Cuello Discusses a Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Headshot of Terri Stiffler

Terri Stiffler Discusses Resettlement Planning and Implementation Oversight

Headshot of Erin Hague

Erin Hague Discusses Designing Solutions for Coastal and Ecosystem Protection, Restoration, and Resilience

Headshot of Larry Grossman

Larry Grossman Discusses Cybersecurity Challenges and Opportunities 

Headshot of Mark Oven

Mark Oven Discusses Energy Projects Implementation in Developing Countries

Headshot of James Costello

James Costello Discusses Designing Marine Structures to Create More Resilient Communities and Mitigate Climate Change Impacts

Headshot of Dave George

Dave George Discusses Architecture and Engineering Program Management

Headshot of Richard Choularton

Richard Choularton Discusses Food Security and Climate Resilience

Headshot of Jason J. Cook

Jason J. Cook Discusses the Importance of Industrial Control System Cybersecurity

Headshot of Ernesto L. Diaz

Ernesto L. Diaz Discusses Using Ecological and Nature-based Engineering for Coastal Risk Reduction and Sea Level Rise Adaptation

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