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Expert Interviews

Our experts discuss today’s trends and challenges in water, environment, sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy, and international development and how they are helping clients prepare for a more resilient future.

Headshot of Ujjwal Pradhan

Ujjwal Pradhan Discusses the Role of Technology to Enhance Forest Management and Conservation in India

Headshot of Carolina Barreto

Carolina Barreto Discusses the Climate Resilience Lessons from Expanding Energy Access in Africa

Headshot of Dr. Sujoy B. Roy

Dr. Sujoy B. Roy Discusses Modeling and Analysis to Assess Future Climate Change Impacts

Headshot of Khaled Mahmood

Khaled Mahmood Discusses the Benefits of Converting Landfill Gas-Powered Engine Plants to Renewable Natural Gas Facilities

Headshot of Matthew Edwardsen

Matthew Edwardsen Discusses Advancing Biodiversity Conservation and Combatting the Impacts of Climate Change

Headshot of Alicia Oller

Alicia Oller Discusses the Evolving Trends and Emerging Technologies in Onshore Wind Energy

Headshot of Krista Dearing

Krista Dearing Discusses Permitting and Tax Credits for Renewable Energy Projects on U.S. Federal Land

Headshot of Bonnie Brandreth

Bonnie Brandreth Discusses Using Data Analytics to Strengthen the Modern Energy Sector

Headshot of Justin Goonesinghe

Justin Goonesinghe Discusses Designing Clean Hydrogen Markets to Support Decarbonization Efforts

Headshot of Jessica Harre

Jessica Harre Discusses Innovations and Emerging Technologies for Renewable Energy Engineering Design

Headshot of Shilpa Shah

Shilpa Shah Discusses Creating Resilient Power Systems

Headshot of Robert Zschuppe

Robert Zschuppe Discusses Supporting Resilient Winter Roads

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