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Where We Work in Defense Services

Tetra Tech's regional locations

Tetra Tech supports defense clients to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently worldwide.

As a global leader in asset management, engineering, environment, monitoring and evaluation, project management, and technology, Tetra Tech delivers smart and sustainable solutions tailored specifically to defense clients and their goals around the world. We have supported government organizations for more than 50 years planning for climate change, protecting resources, optimizing energy, and improving air and water quality. We extend our global resources and contextual understanding to the following regions:

Australia and New Zealand

Tetra Tech has more than 60 offices across Australia and New Zealand with more than 2,000 employees working to serve the Australian Department of Defence and New Zealand Ministry of Defence. We specialize in engineering, geotechnical, environmental, and project management services to manage complex risks and provide value to our clients throughout the asset life cycle.


Our designers, planners, and environmental scientists are uniquely positioned to support the Department of National Defence. Tetra Tech leverages resources from the best local experts and teams around the world to curate fine-tuned, context-appropriate interventions that mitigate environment, infrastructure, and planning challenges that face Canadian defense clients.


In the UK, we partner with the Ministries of Defence and Justice and the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office to stabilize and improve facilities for security and justice in-country and in the Middle East. Elsewhere in Europe, Central Asia, and Africa, we partner with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Air Force Civil Engineer Center to leverage local and global resources to provide exemplary master planning, architect-engineer, construction supervision, site investigation, remedial design, and compliance services.

United States

Tetra Tech provides full lifecycle services for U.S. Department of Defense (all components) and related agencies. We understand the complex challenges that air, naval, and land defense clients face when managing water, energy, infrastructure, asset management, and environmental projects. Worldwide, Tetra Tech provides environmental compliance, infrastructure design, information technology support and cybersecurity, fuel storage design and maintenance, natural and cultural resource management and protection, master planning, and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation for defense installations. We also deliver environmental and facility design services for foreign military sales to U.S., foreign, and host nation governments, in particular in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Learn more about our services for U.S. defense customers.

Tetra Tech provides sustainable solutions for defense clients around the world. View where we support defense clients worldwide.


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