Founded in Pasadena, California, in 1966, Tetra Tech has grown its presence in the United States to more than 250 offices throughout the country. We support our federal, state, municipal, and private sector clients with full planning and engineering services in the water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, and energy sectors.

We have supported federal clients for more than 50 years, providing services for the military, international development, environmental, aviation, and energy sectors. Our institutional knowledge of federal programs is often leveraged at the state level to implement many of the policies established by the federal government. Tetra Tech also works closely with municipal governments to optimize limited resources and plan for sustainable future growth. Tetra Tech also has supported U.S. private sector clients for more than 30 years, from designing new facilities to providing environmental services.


For more than 50 years Tetra Tech has provided solutions to the federal government that are both feasible for our clients and sustainable for the future. We develop innovative tools that are used to extend the life of natural resources, such as producing energy savings in our federal facilities, optimizing fuel consumption for aircraft, improving water quality, restoring contaminated sites, and creating the infrastructure needed for flood risk management. We actively support the following federal agencies:


Tetra Tech has supported dozens of state departments of transportation, environmental agencies, and planning departments to design the critical infrastructure to move goods and services across the country and to manage our natural resources sustainably.

Tetra Tech combines large-company resources with regional knowledge and expertise in planning, permitting, design, construction administration, and program management consulting for highways, buildings, transit systems, and aviation facilities.


Tetra Tech supports cities and municipalities to cost-effectively provide essential services to the public. We help our clients develop potable water supplies, treat wastewater, handle municipal solid waste, and manage the infrastructure at ports and harbors. Tetra Tech uses innovative approaches to maximize limited resources, such as treating wastewater to a level that can be used for irrigation, converting solid waste into sources of energy, and replicating natural systems to manage stormwater runoff. 

Private Sector

Tetra Tech provides our commercial clients comprehensive environmental, engineering, and construction management services. With a strong commitment to safety and environmental stewardship, Tetra Tech works closely with clients to identify and implement cost-effective engineering and environmental solutions.

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Aerial view of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure and Low Impact Development, Raleigh

Advancing sustainability goals for the City of Raleigh, North Carolina

Tetra Tech designed a full-river-width rock weir fish passage to replace the aging New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam.

Savannah Harbor Expansion Project Fish Passage

Designing the largest rock weir fish passage in the U.S. so endangered fish can access critical habitat

Tetra Tech’s Solid Waste Solutions Group provided sustainable waste management plans for Los Angeles County.

Sustainable Solid Waste Management Plans for Los Angeles County

Studying regional disposal capacity needs, zero waste strategies, organics management, recycling, and disaster debris management

Tetra Tech's turn-key planning, engineering, constrction, and operations support in Orange County, California.

Engineering Support at the Prima Deshecha Landfill

Providing turn-key planning, engineering, construction, and operations support to a regional metropolitan landfill serving Orange County, California

Turf installation for the landfill capping project at Sunshine Canyon Landfill by Tetra Tech

Sunshine Canyon Landfill Area 1 Capping Project and Phase III Landfill Gas System Installation

Performing capping and landfill gas system installation in Sunshine Canyon Landfill, including geosynthetic liner installation