Asset Management

With deep experience and cutting-edge technologies, Tetra Tech works with public agencies and private organizations to identify infrastructure asset needs and plan for the ongoing service of essential systems.

In an era of aging infrastructure and decreased funding, new approaches to asset management are a necessity. Tetra Tech incorporates the latest technologies to help clients around the world make rapid and informed decisions on optimizing and sustaining their infrastructure assets. We have more than 30 years of experience working with federal, municipal and commercial clients to manage essential system assets. We bring experience and flexibility to every asset challenge.

An organizational approach

At Tetra Tech, we know that every organization is unique. We draw upon our deep experience with organizations of all types to quickly identify the information and decision needs for each client. We determine your organizational goals and structure so that we can bring the best solutions to the table quickly and efficiently. Tetra Tech’s focus is to be a reliable partner and to deliver exceptional service and results.

Asset Review and Planning

To properly budget for and maintain assets, organizations require detailed knowledge about all key assets. Our planners and engineers work with clients throughout the entire asset life cycle—from planning, design, and implementation to condition assessments and life-cycle asset management. We apply leading-edge data analytics tools to design, collect, compile, review, and interpret data. In turn, we apply the data to analyze lifecycle costs and identify and define asset performance requirements. Our clients want to know the design and construction elements needed to maximize asset usefulness while minimizing costs over the long term.

Mission Dependency

We understand that client needs can change quickly. Adaptability to long-term strategic goals and changes in mission requires asset balance and adjustment to short-term horizons. Our clients value our leadership and adaptability to customize asset solutions for specific mission needs. Supporting all aspects of asset management, from database design and data collection through life-cycle analysis, work management, and planning, we are ready to support any organizational asset vision.

Tetra Tech’s Key Asset Management Service Offerings

In the planning phase, Tetra Tech’s experienced planners, engineers, architects and scientists address multiple project elements with a full life-cycle planning and design approach. This includes asset condition forecasting, asset component modeling, multi-strategy life-cycle cost analysis, and risk and reliability assessments. Tetra Tech also provides front end project planning, including environmental and land use permit requirements, stakeholder engagement, facility compliance, traffic assessments, hazard mitigation planning, energy audits, and economic assessments.

Our planners and engineers work with clients throughout the entire asset life cycle—from planning, design, and implementation, to condition assessments and life-cycle asset management. We apply leading edge data analytic tools to design, collect, compile, review and interpret data. In turn, we apply the data to analyze life cycle costs and identify and define asset performance requirements and strategic, capital investment strategies. Our clients want to know the opportunities to optimize their built asset portfolio and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Tetra Tech specializes in mass data collection and integration. When existing sources of information are absent or unreliable, Tetra Tech collects additional data using a variety of surveying and mapping platforms, including vehicle-based asset condition assessment, unmanned aerial system (drone) collection, and flexible inventory platforms. Tetra Tech has research and development, electrical, mechanical, and software engineering resources to assist clients in developing or incorporating state-of-the art technologies for data collection and analysis.

To address the challenges associated with the storage and manipulation of large data sets that are often measured in terabytes, Tetra Tech performs all data collection, analytics, management, and storage in-house, not relying on third-party services. This ensures the data is of the highest quality and minimizes data security risks when transferring data to outside sources. We have dedicated facilities and personnel for maintaining, verifying, and calibrating all the equipment we operate, including our high-performance pavement surface profiling, road and RailAIĀ® radar vehicles, and other mobile mapping technologies.

Tetra Tech uses existing industry-based software tools such as BUILDER SMS and Revit BIM, as well as customized analysis tools as requested by clients. These specialized tools are used in roadway condition assessments, life-cycle cost analysis, capital improvement planning, risk evaluation, flow modeling, rate studies, space utilization, asset prioritization, and dynamic cost analyses.

To address the growing demand for real-time data review and monitoring, Tetra Tech uses data dashboards to visually track, analyze and summarize key data types and performance measures. Dashboards provide an interactive and customizable environment promoting the efficient distribution of key information to our clients.

If an asset requires additional maintenance or full replacement, Tetra Tech’s team of engineering and architecture professionals can design solutions. Tetra Tech has more than 2,000 in-house licensed professional engineers available to support the design of critical infrastructure.