Digital Water

Tetra Tech delivers data-driven, innovative, and scalable solutions to address our clients’ most complex water management challenges.

At Tetra Tech, innovation begins in design by using state-of-the-art 3D modeling software to develop conceptual renderings, animations, and construction documents to drive project delivery efficiency. Innovation continues in project delivery utilizing system optimization, operational technology, information technology, and data analytics to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. We employ our Tetra Tech Delta suite of technology solutions to provide water utilities with business intelligence and ensure stepwise success in their digital transformation journey.

Control Room at Orange County Water District’s Groundwater Replenishment Facility

Water Operational Technology (OT) and Cybersecurity

Tetra Tech’s team of industry-leading digital automation professionals specialize in water OT and cybersecurity planning, design, and implementation. We support clients in designing and implementing secure data acquisition and process control.

  • Water OT system planning, controls assessment, and control system design
  • Fully integrated enterprise data planning and management
  • Cybersecurity threat assessment and mitigation measures
The Los Angeles River with skyline in the background after Tetra Tech created digital twin of eight pump stations.

Advanced Analytics

Tetra Tech delivers advanced analytics through data science and artificial intelligence to help our clients create mission-critical, undiscovered value from their data. We use digital twins to represent current field conditions and provide real-time information to improve operations and predict maintenance intervals.

  • Data analytics
  • Digital twins and real-time controls
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
A 2D, aerial view of a real-time control water system below a city.

Intelligent Planning and Asset Management

Our team augments traditional planning and program management with Tetra Tech Delta technology solutions. We create living master plans based on meaningful capacity analyses, regulatory analyses, condition assessments, and asset inventories that are the foundation of capital improvement program (CIP) planning and asset management.

  • Asset inventory and assessment
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • CIP prioritization
A 2D, aerial view of a real-time control water system below a city.

High-end Management Consulting

Tetra Tech partners with water utilities and local governments to deliver strategic planning, management consulting, digital transformation, and data-driven business intelligence solutions. We evaluate our clients’ current operations, data sources, standard procedures and best practices, and make recommendations for reducing data silos, improving communication, and enhancing performance.

  • Business process optimization
  • Key metric development and tracking
  • Digital transformation