Utility Management Consulting

Tetra Tech partners with energy utilities worldwide to decarbonize portfolios, build resilient power grids, and drive operational efficiency.

Tetra Tech’s management consultants, planners, engineers, and technical specialists are Leading with Science® to help utilities advance the clean energy transition. We combine technical expertise with utility management experience to translate business objectives into clear solutions.

We use our Tetra Tech Delta suite of proprietary tools, bolstered by trusted technology partners, to fuse science and engineering expertise with advanced technology and analytics for the utility industry. Our clients range from well-advanced utilities in North America, Europe, and the Middle East to recently privatized utilities in developing countries.

Solar panels at sunrise, providing power to advance the clean energy transition

Clean Energy Transition

Our global portfolio of clean energy programs and utility advisory services makes us an ideal strategic partner to fast-track utility decarbonization and climate change resiliency goals.

  • Decarbonization strategies
  • Renewable energy development and grid integration
  • Energy storage and green hydrogen
  • Grid interconnection impact assessment studies, permitting, and design
  • Distributed generation solutions planning, permitting, and design
  • Feasibility assessments
An electrical engineer looks up at a utility tower. Tetra Tech helps clients create tomorrow’s utilities

Utility Reform, Strategy, and Planning

Tetra Tech helps utilities devise and implement future-forward business models. Globally, our experts strengthen utilities and government institutions by helping to create policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks that unlock efficient delivery of energy services to people and businesses.

  • Utility reform and restructuring
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • New market structure analysis modeling
  • Integrated resource planning
  • Long-term capital investment planning and capital portfolio optimization
  • Program and project management office advisory
A drone remotely collects utility tower data. Tetra Tech maximizes digital asset management capabilities

Asset Management

Tetra Tech empowers utilities to maximize digital capabilities and enable innovation in core operations. Our leading-edge technologies and practices help utilities increase resilience and drive decarbonization through predictive maintenance, digital inspections, and system analytics.

  • Asset planning and backlog analysis
  • Digital operations of asset inspections
  • Data and analytics in asset management
  • Predictive maintenance
An engineer conducts an assessment at a substation to improve utility operations

Utility Operations Management

Tetra Tech works closely with our clients to drive operational productivity by innovating and transforming core utility operations. In emerging markets worldwide, we work with utilities to reduce losses, increase revenue, and bolster national power sectors.

  • Operating model analysis
  • Business process reengineering and change management
  • Utility operations under management services contracts
  • Turnaround of underperforming utilities
  • Loss reduction and revenue recovery
  • Maintenance and fleet optimization
  • Digital innovation and operation of intelligent infrastructure
  • Gender equality programs and change management
A big, interconnected city efficiently running on modernized utilities and power grids

Utility Modernization and Commercialization

Tetra Tech helps our clients design and implement grid modernization and smart grid programs, including advanced metering infrastructure, demand response, digitalization, and automation.

  • Tetra Tech Utility Maturity Model and performance improvement diagnostics
  • Customer relationship management
  • Commercialization and corporate governance
  • Grid modernization, digitalization, and automation
Two people shake hands at a wind and solar farm. Tetra Tech helps drive deals that power economies

Transaction Support and Due Diligence

Tetra Tech supports clients with utility transactions, serving as the technical, financial, and regulatory advisor for governments, lenders, and investors. Our multidisciplinary team provides full transaction lifecycle support, leveraging utility experience, business and banking relationships, and technology expertise to deliver an all-in-one solution.

  • Technical due diligence and asset valuation
  • Business and financial modeling
  • Loan facility restructuring
  • Transaction and bid process management
  • Public-private partnership structuring