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Our diverse team of engineers, scientists, and technical specialists is improving lives in communities around the world and shaping the future of water, the environment, sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy, and international development.

Headshot of Lee Daigle

Tetra Tech’s Lee Daigle Discusses Landfill Emissions and His Career Experience

Headshot of Howard Cutts

Optimizing Sewer Networks with Howard Cutts 

Headshot of Deric Kearns

Deric Kearns, Project Manager of the Month, on Leading Complex Environmental Cleanup Projects

Headshot of Jenna Baker

Jenna Baker, Project Manager of the Month, on Managing Complex Design-Build Projects

Headshot of Tracy Lewis

Tracy Lewis, Project Manager of the Month, on Managing Complex Wastewater Treatment Projects

Headshot of Randy Harris

Randy Harris, Project Manager of the Month, on Resolving Challenges to Deliver on Project Goals

Headshot of Prentiss A. Shaw

Prentiss A. Shaw Discusses How Learning from Opportunities Contributes to Career Development

Headshot of Christina Hendrick

Christina Hendrick Discusses Closing the Gap Between Emergency Practitioners and Funding Programs

Headshot of Brenna Minor

Brenna Minor Discusses Building Back Resilient Communities after Disasters 

Headshot of Buddy Martens

Buddy Martens Discusses Transforming Military Expertise into Civilian Success in Information Technology

Headshot of Sami Ayass

Sami Ayass Discusses Solving Environmental Problems at Landfills

Headshot of Bodhi Piedmont-Fleischmann

Bodhi Piedmont-Fleischmann Discusses Sustainable Solutions for Landfills 

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