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Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Silver metallic pipeline in grassy field
Tetra Tech offers global, integrated carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) services across the full project life cycle.

Tetra Tech provides specialty services across the CCS asset lifecycle—from capture and transportation through injection and storage—to help solve complex problems in an urbanizing and resource-scarce world. Our interdisciplinary teams of scientists, engineers, planners, and regulatory experts use Tetra Tech’s Leading with Science® approach to responsibly maximize clients’ return on investment. With deep technical resources and strong local knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to support the effective design and implementation of CCS projects across the globe.

Feasibility Analysis and Data Collection

Tetra Tech has extensive subsurface geology and engineering experience in the Americas, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and other regions. We leverage our global knowledge base to validate the technical, regulatory, and financial feasibility of potential project sites.

  • Geologic site characterization
  • Storage zone capacity estimates
  • Preliminary infrastructure planning and cost estimating
  • Environmental monitoring programs
  • Seismic data acquisition
  • Test well planning and execution
Oilfield drilling workover rig in agricultural, grassy, field


Tetra Tech provides a wide range of permitting support for carbon dioxide (CO2) injection wells, natural and cultural resources, and associated infrastructure. Our team provides timely and cost-efficient services related to CCS permitting.

  • Support for state regulatory agencies seeking primacy for Class VI Underground Injection Control (UIC)
  • Induced seismicity risk evaluation and monitoring
  • Geologic modeling and reservoir simulation
  • Class VI UIC permitting application plans
  • Public safety and environmental risk analysis
  • Alternative critical pressure calculations for corrective action evaluation and planning
  • Stakeholder and community engagement
Blue metallic pipelines running through oil field at sunset

Engineering and Design

Tetra Tech provides professional engineering services for the design of wells, pipelines, and related facilities, in addition to routing and mapping services.

  • Supercritical CO2 hydraulics and pipe stress analysis
  • SCADA operational automation and monitoring design
  • Asset integrity and repurposing
  • Pipeline failure and release modeling
  • Class VI well design using corrosion-resistant alloys
Concrete plant and cement trucks

Construction Phase Services

We offer construction phase services for unique projects with complex regulatory requirements. Tetra Tech uses state-of-the-art tools including GIS to provide real-time progress monitoring.

  • Project controls, scheduling, project management, and construction support
  • Procurement support for specialty materials based on CO2 stream analysis
  • Wellsite geology and supervision
  • Coring program development and data collection
CO2 storage tanks

Operational Support

Once projects are operational, Tetra Tech supports critical services to monitor and verify that the injection and storage system is performing as designed and to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

  • Testing and monitoring program design and implementation
  • Monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) and monitoring, measurement, and verification (MMV) support
  • 4-D seismic survey design, management, and interpretation
  • Plume-tracking technology implementation

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