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Shaping Sustainable Grandeur: Designing One Beverly Hills with Eco-Ingenuity in Los Angeles

A sweeping view of the lush infrastructure of One Beverly Hills
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In designing One Beverly Hills, Glumac, part of the Tetra Tech High Performance Buildings Group, combines sustainability and luxury and sets a new standard for eco-conscious urban resorts.


Tetra Tech was presented with a dual challenge: design the most luxurious and most sustainable property in the world. The client’s goal for each of the three new buildings was to surpass California’s ambitious sustainability goals by employing efficient water usage, low greenhouse gas emissions, and recycled, low-embodied cardon materials. The project is being designed and constructed to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification, WELL Building Standard (WELL) certification, and Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions certification.


Tetra Tech designed water-smart landscaping, utilizing native and cultivated California species, and implemented a comprehensive gray water collection and treatment system for irrigation. By integrating adaptive building controls, battery storage, and circadian light-emitting diode (LED) dimming systems, the buildings achieved optimum energy efficiency and occupant well-being. The implementation of smart facades ensured optimized natural ventilation, while electrostatic filtration systems delivered ultra-pure air quality.


Tetra Tech’s comprehensive approach included defining energy, carbon, water, waste, and health goals. Early design decisions were guided by daylight, energy, water modeling, and structural embodied carbon analysis. With the aim of achieving LEED Platinum, WELL, and Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions certification, the project provides exceptional environmental performance while prioritizing ecological impact and occupant well-being.

One Beverly Hills is designed to achieve LEED Platinum, WELL, and Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions certifications.

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