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Enhancing Resilience: Designing Climate-Resilient Headquarters in Oregon with Energy Independence

Interior view of Oregon State Treasury

Glumac, part of the Tetra Tech High Performance Buildings Group, provided an innovative design that transformed the Oregon State Treasury headquarters into a climate-resilient hub, powering uninterrupted operations with energy independence during disasters.


The Oregon State Treasury faced the critical challenge of ensuring the uninterrupted operation of its headquarters in the face of climate disasters and other natural events that could disrupt the energy grid. They needed a resilient building that could withstand such events and continue to function autonomously.


Tetra Tech tackled this challenge by designing innovative solutions that prioritized energy independence. The building features solar photovoltaics (PV) with battery storage, carefully sized to sustain operations for at least 96 hours without a utility grid connection. Additionally, an emergency generator tied into a microgrid and electrical distribution structured into three distinct branches—normal, critical, and life safety—achieved the necessary loads for continued operation.


Tetra Tech’s design achieved impressive energy savings. Capable of operating for four days if completely severed from the energy grid, the building is also modeled to consume 43 percent less energy than the ASHRAE 90.1-2016 baseline. This surpasses the targeted 30 percent reduction and meets the Oregon State Energy Efficient Design (SEED) requirement of being 20 percent below the Oregon Energy Code. The project will also meet the requirements of the Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) Path to Net Zero incentive. With an Energy Use Intensity (EUI) of less than 5 thousand British thermal units per square foot per year (kBtu/sf/year), the building sets a high standard for energy efficiency. The building has a facility life expectancy of 100 years, guaranteeing stability and continuity of operations for decades to come.

The Oregon State Treasury headquarters is designed to LEED Platinum standard and meets the ETO Path to Net Zero incentive.

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