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Protecting Sanibel Island with High-End Engineering Solutions

Tetra Tech is providing engineering solutions to help the community of Sanibel Island, Florida, improve their water quality and help to preserve wildlife and vegetation.

Tetra Tech is using high-end engineering solutions to improve the community’s current wastewater treatment. We changed their two-stage biological treatment process to a four-stage process, complemented by a membrane bioreactor system. Our process will reduce the phosphorous and nitrogen levels in the water by 50 to 70 percent. By significantly improving the water quality, we are preventing algae blooms and dissolved oxygen levels in the water, which could lead to negative impacts on wildlife.

Sanibel is a barrier island off the coast of Southwest Florida. More than two-thirds of all property on the island is designated as a permanent sanctuary. With the improvement of the water quality, the sustainability of Sanibel’s water quality is preserved for wildlife, vegetation, and endangered species that depend on it.

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