Aerospace Services

In a dynamic aerospace enterprise, the Tetra Tech Federal IT Group solves complex challenges by delivering science-based, technology-driven solutions to support safe and efficient air travel and operations worldwide.

Tetra Tech is an international industry leader in satellite-based navigation, satellite systems engineering, performance-based flight procedures, airspace design, acoustics, and noise management. Tetra Tech is playing a vital role in developing the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Next Generation Air Transportation System. Our teams of scientists and engineers use our Leading with Science® approach to develop environmentally-friendly aviation and airspace policies and solutions domestically and internationally.

Map depicting aircraft noise and acoustics generated by Tetra Tech’s Volans software

Aviation Systems Engineering — Operations

Tetra Tech engineers support the daily management of Navigation Service Provider’s operational missions related to satellite navigation systems, conventional navigation systems and lighting programs. We support program management, navigation/lighting system requirements development and implementation. For the FAA we develop and implement instrument and visual flight procedures for the U.S. National Airspace and provide our customers with the data they need to make informed decisions on airspace changes. Our experts advise customers on domestic and international policy related to safe air travel worldwide.

  • Navigation programs system engineering and program management support
  • Global positioning system (GPS) commercial requirements
  • Satellite augmentation systems
  • Ground-based navigation aids
  • Visual guidance lighting systems
  • Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
  • Airspace optimization
Map with 3D aviation path generated by Tetra Tech’s Volans software

Aviation Consulting

Tetra Tech subject matter experts include acoustic engineers, environmental and airport engineers, air traffic controllers, procedure designers, and pilots. They provide expert support for local and regional airspace design, noise abatement initiatives, environmental acoustic mitigation efforts, and airport safety management for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP), such as Air Services Australia, DGAC France, EANA Argentina, FAA, Latvia LGS, NavCanada, and Slovenia; 13 major U.S. airports, such as O’Hare, Midway, La Guardia, and Los Angeles; and international customers, such as Aberdeen, Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow, Luton, and Southampton.

  • Airspace design (national and international)
  • PBN
  • Procedure development
  • Airport Safety Management Systems
  • Acoustics and noise management
  • VOLANS 3D visualization
  • Community outreach
Map showing airspace in Southern California, detailing departure routes from LAX and concentrated ground tracks

Environmental Studies

Tetra Tech provides technical, analytical, and program management support to develop and implement environmental regulations, policies, standards, and guidance for aviation customers that include the FAA and U.S. airports including Dallas/Ft. Worth, Minneapolis St. Paul, San Jose, and Truckee.

  • Environmental policy analysis and development
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement
Virtual meeting depicting the public use of Volans to engage and learn

Public Outreach and Engagement

As part of implementing performance-based navigation projects, we develop consistent methodologies for communicating and developing relationships with local communities and stakeholders. Using our innovative, proprietary Volans™ 3D visualization tool to engage stakeholders, we help technical and non-technical audiences understand complex data. Volans provides aircraft operation and flight procedure analysis to support environmental and noise impact studies, design new departure and arrival procedures, perform air safety studies, create video presentations for education and community outreach, and analyze air space restrictions and obstructions. Our customers include ANSPs such as FAA, NavCanada, and DGAC France and U.S. airports including Minneapolis St. Paul, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and San Diego.