Modeling and Analytics

Tetra Tech uses advanced data analytics to support our clients’ transition to a smarter, more sustainable, and resilient energy future.

Using our Leading with Science® approach, our designers, engineers, and planners support our clients around the world to deliver innovative modern energy systems and reduce our impact on the environment. We combine our science and engineering experience with our Tetra Tech Delta technology expertise to extend the impact of investment, optimize performance, maximize resources, and minimize asset costs.

Lightbulb surrounded by energy icons represents energy resource management

Energy Resource Management

Tetra Tech helps our clients support efficient energy use and cost through energy modeling and scenario analysis planning.

  • Building decarbonization
  • Net zero energy strategy
  • Smart building deployment
  • Building system optimization
  • Strategic energy planning
  • Least-cost energy planning
  • Integrated resource and resilience plans
  • Portfolio energy management
Solar panel, battery storage, and wind turbines in a foggy, grassy field

Utility Services

Tetra Tech supports our utility clients’ transition to a modern energy system through comprehensive planning, advanced modeling, predictive analytics, and data management.

Drone hovers over solar panels with engineers in PPE in background

Data-Driven Design

Tetra Tech uses proprietary energy modeling solutions and design tools to provide data-driven planning, design, engineering, and commissioning services for modern energy systems.

Advanced data analytics and dashboards for energy projects pictured in front of urban area

Data and Cloud Services

Tetra Tech delivers advanced analytics and cloud computing solutions that support the digital transformation of our clients’ energy systems and enhance operational performance.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Data management
  • Cloud computing
  • IIOT and SCADA
  • Cybersecurity