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Bridges and Tunnels

Moving night light, with structures and suggesting tunnel
Tetra Tech delivers innovative solutions for bridges and tunnels from new design to construction, maintenance, and asset management.

Tetra Tech implements creative solutions and interdisciplinary technical and process tools, integrating emergent technologies to meet our clients’ objectives. We achieve long-term efficient infrastructure by integrating a global and multilevel vision of transport through in-depth understanding of the complex optimization of bridges and tunnels in their regional contexts and climate change conditions.

Our experienced teams handle inspection, design, work supervision, and project management concerning structure construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and demolition. Our Leading with Science® approach and team of client-focused specialists enable us to understand and address project goals, implement advanced methods, technologies, and automated intelligent processes to integrate resilient bridges and tunnels into the framework of smart transportation.

Transportation authorities trust Tetra Tech’s competent specialists and multidisciplinary teams to support them in developing their own infrastructure design and management tools, assess their needs and program, and advise on appropriate strategy to maximize project benefits. We draw on regional knowledge and incorporate it into our worldwide network of engineering experts.

Our key staff members lead reliable teams by gathering the best specialized resources in all domains related to transportation. We better anticipate challenges and adapt services by setting up a fluid and collaborative workflow with our clients, which enables us to find and share the best new technical or technological options to evolve the field of transportation engineering, while addressing the unique needs of each project.

Rope access bridge inspection of guy wires, located next to an old bridge

Bridge and Tunnel Structural Inspection

Tetra Tech rigorously collects data and provides meticulous inspections, as powerful predictive tools to efficiently support clients’ decisions. Qualified and certified experts perform inspections meeting regional and national requirements.

  • Surveys, inventory, and condition assessment
  • Rope access and underwater investigation
  • Drone capture, thermal imaging, and artificial intelligence (AI) damage recognition
  • Structural integrity evaluation
  • Climate change resiliency assessment
Winnipeg Provencher bridge, on the Red, Manitoba, Canada

Bridge Design

Our engineers take care of each step of a project, from the initial idea to the final design, working with a variety of materials for the simplest culvert or underpass to the most complex interchange. In the built and natural environment, we specialize in roadway, railway, and pedestrian bridges.

  • Hydrology and hydrogeology characterization and investigation
  • Geotechnical surveys and data collection
  • Advisory and business case services
  • Preliminary studies
  • Conceptual and architectural feasibility and engineering
  • Construction issue design and plans
  • BIM and 3D bridge modeling, integrated with analysis
  • Green infrastructure design
  • Lifecycle planning
  • Wildlife facilities design
  • Capacity and load rating
Construction site of a tunnel and bridges, near old structures in demolition process

Construction Supervision

Our clients trust the supervision of their construction work to the dedicated and methodical members of the Tetra Tech team. With 50 years of diverse on-site experience and a collaborative approach, we solve challenging and unexpected situations to consistently deliver a quality project.

  • Project scheduling and deadline follow-up
  • Surveys, monitoring, and geotechnical mapping
  • Audits
  • Contract and cost control
  • On-site inspection
Bridge and complex interchange construction by different contractors, maintaining traffic on old structures

Project Management

Our multidisciplinary team takes charge of projects from the development of contractual guidelines to their implementation in the field, as well as schedule and budget management.

  • Program and construction planning and management
  • Permits and environmental authorizations
  • Documentation management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Procurement
  • Review and certification procedures
  • Assistance during the acceptance of contractors’ work
BIM modeling image from tunnel project

Tunnel Design

Tunnels are critical infrastructures that meet specific standards. Our teams address the complexity of multicriteria design specifications in the following systems, to create, evaluate and analyze the best options, ensuring the longevity of tunnels and buried structures.

  • BIM and 3D tunnel modeling
  • Safety and evacuation planning
  • Confined spaces and partitioning planning
  • Simulation and mitigation of hazardous events
  • Ventilation and smoke evacuation design
  • Electrical, electromechanical and hydraulic design
  • Tunnel lighting system design
  • Fire protection, resistance, de-icing and materials engineering design
  • Telecommunication and Intelligent Transportation Systems design
  • Advisory and business case services
  • Geotechnical assessments and design
  • Environmental permitting and planning approvals
  • Detailed design and construction services
  • Durability and protection systems design
Rainbow-hued LiDAR point cloud image of streets and bridges

Instrumentation Support and Data Management

Tetra Tech combines and develops site specific tools for instrumentation and data management as a strategic and valuable practice for collecting, processing, governing and analyzing data, providing a range of specialized services.

  • Database development and management
  • GIS portals, shared platform development, and hosting
  • Geotechnical instrumentation specification
  • Installation, data management, and visualization

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