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Supporting USAID’s Advisory Board to Advance Food Security Worldwide

Person in a field holding a tool, part of BIFAD’s awareness for new agricultural research and tools
Image courtesy of Daljit Singh, Maheder Haileselassie, and Courtney Stokes
Tetra Tech supports operations and thought leadership on behalf of the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD) to make informed and relevant recommendations on emerging food security issues.
Established under Title XII of the Foreign Assistance Act, BIFAD is a U.S. presidentially appointed advisory board to the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID). BIFAD works to strengthen the link between USAID, U.S. universities, and public and private university partners in the United States and other countries to leverage the resources and innovation of the academic community to enhance international development programs and outcomes.


  • Amplifies dissemination of BIFAD evidence-based recommendations and products
  • Spearheads collaboration between BIFAD and leading global stakeholder organizations
  • Advises on conceptualization of priorities around climate change, nutrition, and diversity

Through the BIFAD Support Contract, Tetra Tech provides the critical support that enables BIFAD to make informed and relevant recommendations to USAID on new and emerging issues regarding food and agricultural research, capacity development, trade, and agricultural extension. Tetra Tech supports BIFAD and the USAID BIFAD Secretariat by providing logistical and administrative services and technical and engagement support, including:

  • Commissioning and managing analytical studies and reports and supporting technical working groups or subcommittees
  • Engaging and managing relationships with diverse stakeholders to gather technical input and raise awareness
  • Recognizing research teams and excellence through the annual BIFAD Awards for Scientific Excellence in a Feed the Future Innovation Lab
  • Generating and gathering industry thought leadership to enable BIFAD’s understanding of complex technical issues
  • Supporting BIFAD planning; reporting; knowledge management; new member orientation; and monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities

Tetra Tech’s services and support for enhanced capacities positions BIFAD to expand and increase impacts as stakeholders draw from BIFAD technical resources and recommendations to inform evidence-driven decision-making. Our responsive and adaptive logistical and administrative services, as well as support of internal knowledge management systems, bolsters BIFAD and the USAID BIFAD Secretariat’s capacity for efficient and effective logistical and administrative management. Furthermore, Tetra Tech’s provision of information and resources that inform BIFAD members of emerging and persistent challenges in global food security and agricultural priorities bolsters BIFAD and the BIFAD Secretariat’s ability to expand and diversify engagement with stakeholders.

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