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Work with Us in Disaster and Emergency Management

Tetra Tech employee jots down information on a pad as other workers clear disaster debris
Tetra Tech’s Disaster Recovery team provides comprehensive consulting and technical solutions to disaster-impacted communities.

Our disaster recovery experts are Leading with Science® to deliver efficient programs to communities impacted by devastating disaster events. We solve complex problems using proven methodologies, technologies, and tools built by scientists and engineers, with a focus on long-term resilience and future-proof solutions. Recovery from large-scale disasters can take years, and we stand beside our clients long after the debris has been cleared and the power has been restored.

Tetra Tech’s Disaster Recovery team has supported some of the largest and most complex disasters in recent U.S. history. Our highly skilled and adaptable team has responded to a multitude of events, including hurricanes, wildfires, floods, tropical storms, tornadoes, and the COVID-19 pandemic. As a turnkey service provider, our team includes specialists across a wide range of disciplines to execute various services that may be required following a disaster event.

Disaster Recovery Careers

Tetra Tech’s Disaster Recovery team includes specialists with diverse skills and knowledge of disaster recovery programs. Our employees are passionate about restoring disaster-impacted communities and renewing the hope of disaster survivors.

Supporting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion through DBE Subcontractor Participation

Diversity, equity & inclusion are among Tetra Tech’s core values. We work with small, women-owned, minority-owned, and disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE) where specific and individual capabilities complement our own.

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Create a sustainable future with us

Our people around the world are supporting our mission and vision for a sustainable world. Join us today.

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