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Data Management and Analytics

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Tetra Tech provides innovative solutions that create more resilient communities, drive efficient and reliable disaster recovery programs, and help clients quickly access reimbursement.

Tetra Tech implements our proprietary technology solutions to improve efficiency, accuracy, and quality in disaster response and recovery. Using our Tetra Tech Delta technology expertise, we developed the RecoveryTrac® system and Baseline Assessment Tool (BATool®) Program.

Our RecoveryTrac technology suite is a robust, scalable disaster management application designed to address the many operational challenges encountered throughout the disaster recovery project life cycle. It was developed through years of research to streamline data collection and documentation processes, with an emphasis on minimizing costs for our clients.

The BATool Program was launched to help communities measure mitigation process and success.

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RecoveryTrac Automated Debris Management System (ADMS)

Tetra Tech’s ADMS technology is the industry’s leading debris management system and one of only three validated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This state-of-the-art system increases efficiency and improves the management of debris removal efforts. It provides real-time data collection, customized reporting, invoice reconciliation, and project controls.
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RecoveryTrac Fleet Management

RecoveryTrac Fleet Management uses GPS technology to provide real-time location data for debris hauler assets. This enables us to manage assets at the most affected locations and evenly distribute crews based on issues such as first-pass completion for debris removal, traffic patterns, and hot spots.

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RecoveryTrac Case Management

RecoveryTrac Case Management provides scalable, cloud-based data management and analytics for intake management, processing, and disbursement solutions. It can rapidly deploy grant funds for individuals and businesses and provide real-time case management tracking and reporting, commodity tracing, and other data needs.

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RecoveryTrac Time Management

RecoveryTrac Time Management improves accuracy and reporting processes by tracking a project employee’s time, function, and location, enabling timely and accurate invoices for documentation and grant funding reimbursement.

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BATool Program

Our BATool Program is a web-based solution that streamlines the development and monitoring of hazard mitigation and climate adaptation plans and Community Rating System (CRS) reporting. It features secure 24/7 access to projects, query functionality, automated email reminders, investment tracking, report generation, and dashboard summaries. Learn more about our BATool Program.

Tetra Tech’s ADMS technology is the industry’s leading debris management system and one of only three validated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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Our featured data management and analytics highlights

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