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U.S. Navy Resource Efficiency Management 

Navy Resource Efficiency Management
Tetra Tech pioneered and is an industry leader in Resource Efficiency Management (REM), helping U.S. Department of Defense clients develop and carry out top-performing federal energy and water management programs.
We support energy management activities at more than 150 Department of Defense installations with an annual utility budget of more than $1 billion. Of particular note is the REM support Tetra Tech has been providing to the Navy Region Southwest and Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest energy programs since 1999.


  • On-site energy efficiency support
  • Energy audits
  • Energy and water program management
  • Renewable energy project development and management
  • Retro-commissioning
  • Measurement and verification
  • Metering support
  • Commissioning
  • Water conservation
  • Training and awareness
  • Behavioral change

Beginning with a single Tetra Tech resource efficiency manager (REM) in a pilot project at Naval Base San Diego in 1999, Tetra Tech expanded its continuous REM support services to up to 10 Navy Region Southwest installations, 3 major U.S. Marine Corps installations, and 59 warships in the San Diego fleet concentration area; Tetra Tech has varied its scopes of service and levels of effort over this 15 year period to meet Navy and Marine Corps needs. Tetra Tech provides on-site support in energy and water program management; energy and water efficiency project development; renewable energy project development and management; auditing and retrocommissioning; measurement and verification; and related services as needed to help clients build and sustain world-class energy programs, cut utility costs, and meet or exceed all goals. As part of the energy support provided to the Navy and Marine Corps in the southwest, Tetra Tech has:

  • Helped installations develop and carry out top-performing energy management programs in the federal government; Tetra Tech’s client installations are consistently graded Platinum or Gold by the Navy and Marine Corps.
  • Identified, developed, and helped implement hundreds of millions of dollars of practical, cost-effective energy and water cost-saving initiatives, ranging from low-cost or no-cost energy management measures to systematic, far-reaching infrastructure improvements.
  • Created the Navy’s first Shipboard Shore Energy Management program to reduce pierside utility costs for 59 surface ships at Naval Base San Diego and Naval Base Coronado, serving as the benchmark for programs at other ports. From 2007 to 2011, this program saved the Fleet over $13 million and 245,000 million British thermal units (MBtu) of energy with almost no capital investment.
  • Produced over $115 million in utility cost savings since 2000 with overall return on investment (ROI) to Navy Region Southwest of 380 percent. Current year ROI is 455 percent.
  • Helped Navy and Marine Corps client installations achieve all energy, water, and renewable energy goals.
  • Helped Navy Region Southwest cut water use by 1.9 billion gallons per year – 48 percent – since 2000 to help California counter two historic droughts. This remarkable achievement has been recognized by the Governor of California as one of the great success stories in the state’s water conservation efforts.
  • Created the Energy and Water Reduction Plans, monthly energy and utilities metrics, “push bill” analysis reports, and other energy management tools to take advantage of all available data to help manage energy costs and consumption.

These services have reduced energy and water costs and consumption; reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and air toxics; brought in millions of dollars in grants, incentives, and other one-time benefits; and helped build some of the most advanced and high-performing energy programs in the federal government.

Tetra Tech-supported installations in the southwest have received 7 Presidential Awards for Leadership in Federal Energy Management, 31 Federal Energy and Water Management Awards, and 19 Secretary of the Navy Energy Awards.

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