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Providing Multiple Benefit Stormwater Solutions

Aerial view of Albion Park’s a riverfront area and recreational facilities

Tetra Tech helped improve water quality and enhanced open space in a Los Angeles, California, neighborhood.

The City of Los Angeles selected Tetra Tech to provide comprehensive engineering services for the Albion Riverside Park project adjacent to the Los Angeles River. The project transformed a six-acre site—previously used for dairy warehousing and distribution—into a riverfront park that benefits nearby disadvantaged and low-income neighborhoods. It is an important part of the City’s overall efforts through the Proposition O Bond Program to improve water quality and reduce pollutant loads conveyed to the rivers, lakes, and ocean in the Los Angeles region.


  • More than 10 acres of enhanced park space for the adjoining neighborhoods
  • Five acre feet of stormwater capture for groundwater replenishment
  • Stormwater from 300-acre watershed treated and reused for irrigation

The project collects, treats, and infiltrates on-site runoff and diverts stormwater and dry weather flows from an existing storm drain, which collects runoff from a 300-acre watershed. The diverted flows are then treated and infiltrated or used within the park. Green stormwater infrastructure and best management practices include bioretention facilities, bioswales, pervious pavement, and subsurface infiltration galleries.

The park’s recreational amenities include multipurpose athletic fields, walking paths, adult fitness zones, children’s play areas, picnic areas, and a plaza. The park also features water reuse education and improved river access. The project provides visual and educational design elements that inform the community about the Los Angeles River and the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan.

The Albion Riverside Park project has been recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers, Engineering News-Record, and the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure for water quality, climate resilience, and community benefits.

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