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Power Plant Reservoir Berm Liner Installation

Tetra Tech installing HydroTurf® around the power plant reservoir to protect against berm erosion due to flooding

Tetra Tech performed a berm liner installation around a large power plant reservoir in Willis, Texas.

This geosynthetics installation provides protection for the dam around the reservoir from over-topping and erosion. In recent years this dam has become prone to flooding, which could cause significant damage to the surrounding area and cause an outage to the electric plant if it lost cooling water due to reservoir failure.

The properly functioning reservoir is critical for the operation of the power plant. The finished product provides the flood protection necessary to keep the reservoir safe going forward.

Tetra Tech performed a berm liner installation around the northwest perimeter of a large power plant reservoir in Texas. The work included lining the back side of the 2.4-mile berm to protect against over-topping and erosion.

Our team installed 29.4 acres of HydroTurf® , including fusion-welding, performing repairs, and providing quality assurance and quality control inspection prior to ballast installation. The HydroTurf® uses a cement-stabilized sand mix as ballast that binds with the turf fibers for extra strength. The ballast is placed and spread, broomed into the turf to required thickness, and finally hydrated to complete the installation.

As part of the geosynthetics installation scope, Tetra Tech also installed approximately 200 pipe boots for monitoring and gas collection pipes and relief valves located across the slope area. In addition, Tetra Tech installed 11,880 linear feet of bottom anchor trench, which required concrete backfill for the entire 2.4-mile perimeter.

At peak times during the project, Tetra Tech staff included 45 field employees.

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