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Improving EPA’s Management and Oversight of Grants

Tetra Tech designed the course as nine modules to focus on specific topics
Tetra Tech prepared a nine-module certification course to ensure that U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) project officers have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage grants from pre-award through closeout.
The certification course, “Managing Your Financial Assistance Agreements for Project Officers,” is intended for more than 4,000 EPA grant project officers who are responsible for initiating EPA grants, conducting technical and programmatic oversight, and providing documentation using agency data management systems. The course was developed to help ensure the proper stewardship of EPA grant funds, as outlined in the objectives of EPA’s Long-Term Grants Management Training Plan.


  • Course design preparation and learning objectives identification
  • Federal and EPA grants policy examination and summarization
  • Course content creation
  • Course reviewer feedback collection
  • Learning management system course tracking and evaluation settings configurement

Tetra Tech used a formal planning process to identify the course audience, specific learning objectives, knowledge checks, and tracking and certification requirements. The course covers the full life cycle of grant management, from the pre-award to closeout phases, and uses graphics, case studies, interactive engagements, and scored quizzes to reinforce key topics and validate retention. Tetra Tech provided planning support; reviewed dozens of regulations, policies, and guidance materials to identify relevant subject matter; wrote the course content; and designed and developed the modules.

Working collaboratively with EPA, Tetra Tech applied a robust quality control process to ensure that the content reflected the latest grant policies and guidance, was technically accurate and up to date, and addressed the course objectives. Tetra Tech also designed a formal testing plan with specific questions to facilitate course review, developed guidance for course reviewers, and coordinated the collection and incorporation of course feedback.

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