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Tetra Tech’s Charity of the Year: Clean Water for Kavule

Children in Uganda stand in a pool of water holding yellow water cans and gathering water from a faucet

Tetra Tech is partnering with Engineers Without Borders (EWB-USA) to bring safe and clean water to families in Village Kavule, Uganda.

Each year Tetra Tech partners with a charity to support communities in need around the world. At our Annual Meeting in November 2022, we announced our partnership with EWB-USA to develop clean water solutions for community members in need in Kavule, Uganda.

Kavule is a village of 2,170 people in 320 households that currently lacks access to a sustainable water supply for drinking and sanitation. Poor water quality has led to an increase in diseases like typhoid, especially in young children and infants. To access safe water, girls in Kavule must collect water from sources far away from their village and carry it home, exposing them to safety issues and limiting their time to attend school.

Tetra Tech’s partnership with EWB-USA will work with the community to locate a new clean water source and create a sustainable distribution system for better accessibility.

You can help the community of Kavule to access clean, safe water by donating to EWB-USA. Your donation will support locating a new water source and constructing a new distribution system.

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