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Automating Deployment or Migration of Apps to the Cloud 

Dark blue abstract technology background depicting a cloud in the center. Tetra Tech’s Cloudamatic solution automates cloud services
The Tetra Tech Federal IT Group developed Cloudamatic, a scalable and open-source cloud deployment solution for automating cloud adoption, migration, and operations.

The Cloudamatic tool automates the complete deployment and orchestration of infrastructure, security, configuration, and provisioning for any application to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Our technology-driven tools serve as the foundation for the innovative solutions we provide customers, including supporting reliable water supplies, restoring the environment, and creating resilient infrastructure.

Developed by the Tetra Tech Federal IT Innovation Lab, Cloudamatic uses a 100 percent open-source technology stack to ensure it integrates natively with new or existing toolsets and provides interoperability and modularity to the existing system. We developed Cloudamatic with no proprietary solutions or tools, providing the flexibility to completely open source Cloudamatic for our customers without the burden of subscription fees or additional costs. This relieves our customers from maintaining expensive vendor and software licensing. Once a target state architecture is designed, our clients can deploy their new architecture with a few clicks.

Cloudamatic has saved our federal clients approximately $1 million a month in application maintenance and licensing fees.

While other deployment solutions only focus on infrastructure, Cloudamatic uses automation to deploy and provision all application artifacts in the cloud of choice, configure all provisioned resources, convey security and encryption policies to all resources, and orchestrate patches, updates, and operational oversight.

We originally designed Cloudamatic for one federal client, and now clients across the federal government use the tool, resulting in sustainable cost saving for agencies. We further expanded and implemented Cloudamatic in the private sector, empowering commercial organizations to see the same cost and time-saving benefits.

Our federal IT experts develop agile and resilient solutions that prepare customers to respond to emerging challenges. The Tetra Tech Federal IT Innovation Lab leveraged Cloudamatic to support solutions that improve services for Medicare beneficiaries, enable automated access to vital medical data for both providers and patients, and advance disaster response and recovery.

Cloudamatic has significant implications for the future of cloud deployments and sets the standard for a complete automation solution that targets every aspect of deployment, not just infrastructure. It is currently the only solution that includes automated security, grooming, orchestration, monitoring, and updates and patching. Tetra Tech offers a true one-click deployment with Cloudamatic.

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