Innovation Lab

Tetra Tech’s Innovation Lab researches and develops solutions, leveraging emerging technologies.

Our Innovation Lab is a technology incubation engine that develops solutions to achieve results faster and more cost effectively for our clients. We research and prototype solutions, test new technologies, and quickly resolve technical issues. Our research includes microservices, artificial intelligence, data lakes, and blockchain. Clients can leverage our Innovation Lab to:

  • Automate manual processes
  • Test new systems
  • Host systems on our cloud computing environment
  • Experiment and evaluate new products, tools, and solutions

Key solutions offered by our Innovation Lab include:

Auxilium is an open source artificial intelligence-powered chatbot solution that provides a conversational interface using text or audio commands. This solution can be used to augment help desks, serve as an internal resource, and support self-service functions. Auxilium answers clients’ questions immediately and empowers support teams to focus on the bigger picture.

DevOps Factory®
An end-to-end DevOps framework and suite of advanced security and cloud deployment automation tools, DevOps Factory was designed as a tailorable methodology that can be applied to any client’s environment, including system development life cycles, governance, and security compliance. 

Cloudamatic is an open source deployment tool that automates every aspect of application and tool migration, including security, infrastructure, orchestration, and patching. Cloudamatic has been proven to save significant time and resources for our clients by creating a repeatable and consistent deployment process to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Espier is an open source tool that automates and integrates security penetration testing as part of the continuous integration and delivery pipeline, enabling early detection and faster remediation of vulnerabilities while ensuring that only secure code is deployed. Espier delivers significant cost savings by lowering assessment and authorization resource requirements and facilitating faster delivery of fully functional and secure IT solutions.