Drinking Water

Tetra Tech provides innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective water supply and treatment solutions to protect public health and improve quality of life.

Our engineers and scientists have been Leading with Science® to help local governments and municipal utilities provide safe, secure drinking water to their clients for more than 50 years. Tetra Tech’s drinking water experts provide comprehensive, cost-effective water solutions to address our clients’ challenges, including maintaining or improving existing water supply infrastructure, planning new construction to expand capacity or enhance water quality, or minimizing lifecycle costs through the use of digital technology. Our integrated approach to water supply management and water facility design uses best practices and innovation to create a reliable, modern road map for clients’ potable water systems.

2D drawing of a Tetra Tech master plan for a wastewater treatment overlaying an aerial photo of a field.

Intelligent Master Planning

Tetra Tech develops master plans that establish a flexible road map for making sound, cost-effective decisions that meet both short- and long-term needs.

  • Regulatory compliance planning
  • Demand management
  • Facility planning
  • Operational evaluations
  • Capital improvement planning
Upstream of the reservoir Tetra Tech designed in Sri Lanka.

Source of Supply Facilities

Tetra Tech develops and designs secure and sustainable water supplies, including surface water intakes and pump stations, groundwater wells, and raw water transmission facilities.

  • Surface water and intakes
  • Riverbank filtration
  • Groundwater
  • Aquifer storage and recovery systems
  • Hydrogeologic studies
The Tetra Tech designed reverse osmosis plant for Port Saint Lucie James E Anderson Water Treatment Plant in Florida.

Treatment Facilities

Our expertise spans from planning to design and construction management through start-up and operations services and covers various technologies, including membranes and alternative disinfectants (ozone, ultraviolet, and chlorination).

  • Conventional and high-rate filtration and clarification
  • Enhanced coagulation
  • Membrane technology and desalination
  • Ion exchange and granular activated carbon
  • Corrosion control and lead and copper compliance
The Tetra Tech designed desalination plant in North Miami Beach, Florida.

Transmission and Distribution Systems

Our services extend from preliminary planning and routing analyses through design, permitting, and construction. Tetra Tech’s depth of experience encompasses numerous construction techniques, including trenchless technologies and construction through complex corridors.

  • Large diameter transmission mains
  • Small diameter distribution mains
  • Storage and pumping facilities
  • Smart metering and leak detection
  • Hydraulic and water quality modeling/GIS
Construction progress of the Tetra Tech designed water treatment plant for the city of Badulla, Sri Lanka.

Construction Management

Tetra Tech has the expertise to lead projects through completion and start-up, including providing construction administration, resident project representative, and owner’s engineer services.

  • Owner’s representative services
  • Alternative project delivery
  • Resident engineering services
  • Specialty inspections
  • Start-up and training services