With more than 30 years of experience, Tetra Tech offers considerable expertise in helping developing countries promote democratic governance and strengthen institutions.

As citizens across the globe demand more transparency and accountability in public service delivery, Tetra Tech works with local partners to foster meaningful democratic reforms, promote long-term sustainability, and improve lives.

Tech is an industry leader in helping promote and support decentralized governance and democratic solutions around the world. Tetra Tech’s democracy and governance practice has designed and implemented more than 60 multi-year projects in nearly 40 countries.

Tetra Tech has analyzed, designed, implemented, and managed strategic programs that promote citizen well-being and enhanced capacities of policy makers and elected representatives. Working with USAID, our innovative solutions strengthen institutions, support a decentralized government, build local government capacity, assist with municipal services, and strengthen transparency. We also lead efforts to strengthen effective legislative processes, reduce corruption risks, prevent crime and violence, and increase citizen participation.

Our approach integrates gender, youth, and other vulnerable populations to achieve broad-based and inclusive results. Our team complements this approach with cutting-edge tools and methodologies to achieve the development goals of our clients and partners.

We have applied institutional capacity-building tools successfully in legislative institutions, central government ministries, municipal and regional governments, and community-based and non-governmental organizations and networks.

Local Governance and Decentralization

Tetra Tech assists national, regional, and local government counterparts to establish and strengthen the foundation for local democratic governance and decentralization of power by creating the prerequisite legal framework and policies. Our projects enhance the capacity of government officials, build financial and management systems and procedures, improve public service delivery, and strengthen mechanisms for broad citizen engagement.

Analytical Services

Tetra Tech works with USAID and other international donors to provide a full range of analytical research services used in strategic planning of democracy and governance programming, including assessments, surveys, evaluations, and Political Economy Analyses. We develop qualitative and quantitative methods to improve understanding of democratic governance systems, identify critical policy issues, and provide an analytical basis for the design of actionable solutions.

Institutional Strengthening and Public Administration Reform

Tetra Tech provides technical support, training, and technology-based applications to enhance performance management of public institutions at the national and sub-national levels. We work to strengthen systems and institutions for accountable and democratic governance that are essential for service delivery, equitable economic growth, inclusive development, human rights protection, and citizen security.

Anti-corruption, Transparency, and Accountability

To combat corruption, Tetra Tech strengthens public sector institutions and systems, while engaging the private sector and civil society. We also strengthen and build mechanisms to hold government institutions accountable and increase citizen voice in decision-making. We enhance oversight capacity to ensure effective public policies and ensure that resources are allocated and used where they are needed most to support anti-corruption and encourage transparency and accountability.

Legislative Strengthening

Tetra Tech supports legislative development by focusing on internal administration and management, parliamentary procedures refinement, legislation drafting and enactment, executive branch oversight, budget analysis, constituency relations, and mechanisms for public participation in the lawmaking process.

Stability and Crime and Violence Prevention

We help design, implement, and manage integrated community development strategies aimed at preventing crime and violence and providing citizens with alternatives to criminal activity. Our programs promote well-being, resiliency, and stability in conflict-prone and post-conflict countries. Through strategic partnerships with national and local governments, police, and non-governmental organizations, we support efforts to address and prevent the drivers of violence and crime.

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