Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group provides robust, proactive cybersecurity services to protect our clients’ digital assets.

With cyberattacks such as ransomware and data theft becoming increasingly disruptive to businesses and governments, protection of digital assets and data is of immediate and critical concern. Simple activities such as browsing the internet, using cloud-based systems, and sending emails create attack vectors that can be exploited by malicious software. With the emergence of smart buildings, the Internet of Things (IoT), and agile work environments, the built environment has developed into a highly connected sector driven by the needs of our clients and their stakeholders.

The continuing convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology has improved the capabilities of buildings but has led to far larger cyberattack surfaces. A lack of security awareness, training, and basic cybersecurity hygiene can leave businesses open to attack. Cybersecurity is not an IT issue; it is a business issue.

Tetra Tech’s cybersecurity experts help clients consider their approach to cybersecurity and take stock of their current security practices and processes. Cybersecurity requires smart policies and procedures that all staff understand and adhere to while retaining convenience and organizational agility. As the cyberthreat landscape evolves, so must the methods of minimizing exposure.

As an engineering consultancy, Tetra Tech recognizes that cybersecurity must be prominent in all stages, from the base building level to practical completion and delivery. Ensuring cybersecurity oversees the digital and physical security approaches—especially in the built environment—is vital to creating a robust, secure premise. Tetra Tech has developed an array of service offerings to address our clients’ cybersecurity challenges.


  • Risk management services
  • Secure solution architecture enabling security by design
  • Deployment, guidance, and advice across numerous global and national cybersecurity frameworks
  • Design and implementation of secure components and networks within IoT and non-IoT environments
  • Compliance with Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Secure cloud architecture and advisory
  • Internal and external governance, risk, and compliance per domestic and international legislation and regulatory requirements
  • Security architecture and design
  • Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Cybersecurity awareness and training

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