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Register as a Supplier

Teaming with Tetra Tech

Tetra Tech manages our vast network of suppliers, including small businesses, using our automated procurement system.

Our procurement and supplier databases help our procurement staff find appropriate small business entities to consider for subcontracted work and to determine the competence, ability, experience, and capacity available for a given firm. All Tetra Tech buyers are trained in small business requirements and attend periodic trainings and small business program reviews.

Register as a supplier

Prequalification can advance the procurement process and support efficient, effective, and rapid subcontract response. Businesses should register in Tetra Tech’s supplier database by completing a business qualification questionnaire, which addresses the following key elements:

  • Business size and status
  • Regulatory compliance records
  • Health and safety performance records
  • Financial stability
  • Capability and experience
  • Sustainability
  • Bonding capacity, if needed
  • Personnel qualifications
  • Quality control program
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Past performance
  • Customer references

When evaluating new tasks and projects, we identify specific requirements that we expect to subcontract and use our databases to match local firms with the services or products we need.

Tetra Tech also uses the System for Award Management (SAM) and the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Dynamic Small Business Search engine and Subcontracting Network (SUBNet) database to locate appropriate U.S. federal government-verified businesses.

Prequalify as a Tetra Tech supplier to support efficient, effective subcontracting.

Helpful small business resources

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