Managing Water Supplies Through Innovation in Southern California

Implementing Innovative Water Management Solutions

Tetra Tech is using smart water technology to improve water quality in Southern California. Our team designed a system that uses real-time controls to satisfy irrigation requirements for a local park entirely with recycled water.

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Tetra Tech Receives Industry Awards from Environmental Business Journal

Tetra Tech Receives Industry Awards from Environmental Business Journal

Achieving excellence in our business performance, project execution, and technological innovation

Members of the Viola Liuzzo Park Association with Viola’s descendants pose with ceremonial art shovels at the park.

Tetra Tech Wins Climate Change Business Journal Project Merit Award for Resilient Infrastructure

Using green infrastructure to create a beautiful community space and more resilient stormwater management at Detroit’s Viola Liuzzo Park

Tetra Tech Supports Premiere of New Film—Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Tetra Tech Supports Premiere of New Film—Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Helping spark an interest in engineering and promoting STEM education in Colorado and around the world

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AMTA/AWWA Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition

Visit Tetra Tech at Booth 506 to learn about our water resources services and hear presentations from our experts during the conference

Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund

GSMA’s Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund

Managing the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund to help bring impactful mobile solutions to the people and places that need them most


Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Lake Borgne Surge Barrier

Design lead for USACE hurricane risk reduction project in New Orleans

Oceans and Fisheries Partnership

The Oceans and Fisheries Partnership (USAID Oceans), Asia-Pacific

Developing a tracking system to combat fraud and promote sustainability of vital marine ecosystems


Performance-Based Navigation Development and Integration Support

Helping to enable FAA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System (NexGen)

Leo Eldredge

Leo Eldredge, Aerospace Practice Navigation Expert

Helping the Federal Aviation Administration and international aviation authorities modernize the skies

Jill Hudkins

Jill Manning Hudkins, Drinking Water Expert

Creating sustainable water supplies for utilities across North America

Catherine Courtney

Dr. Catherine Courtney, Marine Environmental Science Expert

Adapting to climate change in the Coral Triangle

Dave Riley

Dave Riley, Oil Sands Process Engineering Expert

Accelerating recovery of tailings for reclamation in Alberta’s oil sands region