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Emergency Preparedness

A control room full of communication employees with laptops and phones

Tetra Tech leverages its expertise as a leading provider of emergency management services to design training that saves lives and reduces risks in emergency situations.

Preparation and awareness of response procedures are critical in crises. Tetra Tech provides a full spectrum of emergency management and disaster recovery services to more than 400 clients and 44 states throughout the United States. Our staff has participated in numerous response efforts to both man-made and natural events. We are committed to improving preparedness on all fronts as the foundation for mitigating dangers, activating effective responses, and managing effective recovery operations.

We help organizations create training that prepares staff to respond safely and appropriately to emergencies. Our courses cover core policies and guidance in the context of real-life situations, using dynamic content to present scenarios, case studies, and examples of best practices to convey practical concepts. We form collaborative teams consisting of instructional designers, e-learning developers, emergency planners, and emergency operations experts to design training tailored to client needs. Our expertise covers a wide range of hazards, including workplace dangers, chemical spills, environmental hazards, public transportation emergencies, active shooter incidents, flooding and other natural disasters, health risks, and many more.

Sample course offerings

  • Active shooter training
  • Incident command system training
  • Continuity of operations planning
  • COVID-19 pandemic-response training
  • Public health assessment training

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