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Safety Month: Connected, Supported, and Safe

Blue-toned world map with employee and health and safety icons representing Tetra Tech as connected, supported, and safe

Join Tetra Tech’s Health & Safety team in recognizing Safety Month during June by reaffirming our commitment to keeping each other Connected, Supported, and Safe.

As we settle into a routine of anticipating the next COVID-19 wave, we stand ready to adjust our work and home life approach based on the latest variant news, public health considerations, and the next jab. While these waves may come and go, what has remained constant throughout the past two years is the need to be Connected, Supported, and Safe.

During Safety Month 2022, we encourage our employees to refresh our safety connections. Throughout June, you will have many opportunities to learn how we support a safe workplace, prevent injuries, and sustain a healthy work-life balance. We will highlight weekly articles, photos, and resources related to safe driving, health and wellness, injury prevention, and common safety field hazards on our social media profiles—LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram.

To offer some friendly and healthy (and safe) competition, we’re inviting all Tetra Tech staff to participate in the Connected, Supported, and Safe Challenge. Challenge activities are easy to incorporate into their day and highlight important components of our Health & Safety program and safe behavior.

Keeping our employees healthy also encompasses supporting wellness. Our challenge integrates with Tetra Tech’s Wellness Program and Healthy Life Challenge. We also encourage staff to share their pictures and videos showing how they are Connected, Supported, and Safe wherever they work or live.

Join us to renew your commitment to health and safety each day in June and beyond.

  • Week 1 – Safe Driving
  • Week 2 – Wellness
  • Week 3 – Injury Prevention
  • Week 4 – Environmental Field Hazards
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