NASPO ValuePoint is a contract vehicle to deliver unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services, otherwise known as drone services. NASPO ValuePoint facilitates cooperative purchasing of goods and services through state chief procurement officials for the benefit of state departments, institutions, agencies, and political subdivisions and other eligible entities, including cities, counties, special districts, community colleges, universities, and quasi-governmental and nonprofit organizations.

ASPO ValuePoint Master Agreements are competitively solicited by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of General Services, Division of Purchases and Supply (Lead State) and are supported by a Sourcing Team comprised of multiple state procurement representatives and subject matter experts, leveraging the expertise and buying power of many states and other participating entities. End users of the contract may sole-source work to any NASPO ValuePoint contract holder.

Tetra Tech’s Sole Source Services

  • Emergency Support Services In the event of a natural disaster, drones prove as a valuable mode of entering and assessing hazardous situations or areas where unnecessary risk to life and health would be taken if classical methods of assessment were taken
  • Construction and Infrastructure Support Services Use of a drone can dramatically speed up the documentation, planning, surveying, and marketing process and produce a product equal to or better than classical methods
  • Agricultural and Gaming Support Services Surveying large areas of land can be time consuming and expensive when using traditional surveying methods; drones can produce a high-quality survey for a fraction of the cost, time, and effort
  • Agency Media Relations and Marketing Services Drones can provide a promotional or project site progress video with unique aerial views, previously accessible only by helicopter or plane, at a fraction of the cost to better facilitate an understanding of the full site

Awarded to Tetra Tech, Inc.

Master Agreement Number: E194-79435

Contract Period of Performance: November 11, 2019 – October 31, 2021 (2 Year Base Period with Four 1-Year Renewal Options)

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Defense Contract Point of Contact

Andy Mazzeo
Program Manager
+1 (302) 283-2233