Landfill Gas Construction and Drilling

Tetra Tech is a proven leader in the landfill gas (LFG) collection installation industry, with a reputation built on safety, quality of work, experienced management and field personnel, and the ability to overcome challenges.

Tetra Tech specializes in landfill gas collection system installation and upgrades, ranging from basic lateral expansion to complete gas collection system installation, including installing LFG collection wells. We work with a broad client base and have longstanding relationships with private owners and general contractors, as well as large solid waste clients in North America.

Tetra Tech provides substantial support for clients dealing with special-interest sites, including those exhibiting long-term issues with elevated temperatures, high gas concentrations, or intermittent gas flow. Tetra Tech has the knowledge and internal support system to resolve these recurring problems.

We understand how subsurface conditions can and will act differently once penetrated by drilling activities and have the experience to perform these operations safely. We ensure quality with proper installation procedures and use of specialized piping materials.

Tetra Tech’s attention to safety is second to none in the landfill gas industry. Some of our clients have adopted our safety policies for their own employees working on well monitoring and maintenance. Tetra Tech’s employees are Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certified and First Aid and CPR trained. All supervisors receive additional health and safety, managerial, and occupational training.

Tetra Tech maintains a fleet of vehicles and trailers to facilitate work across North America. Our state-of-the-art equipment, such as drill rigs with the capacity to drill to depths of 180 feet, enables Tetra Tech to install LFG collection systems in a timely manner.

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