Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Tetra Tech delivers expert assessment, monitoring, and evaluation services to provide clients with high-quality data and analytics to sustain peace, prevent violent conflict, and respond to crises.

Tetra Tech is a global leader in assessment, monitoring, and evaluation for government agencies. With high-quality design, evaluation, and reviews of programs we support governments to define reliable metrics to measure progress in meeting goals and apply climate-smart solutions. We design data collection systems to provide insight to leaders to support real-time adaptive management of programs. We also provide in-depth analytic support to managers to improve their understanding of the operating environment and existing programs.

Tetra Tech has more than 50 full-time assessment, monitoring, and evaluation specialists who combine their expertise in analytic research with an appreciation for client challenges. Our solutions are practical and time sensitive and reflect an understanding of the realities facing defense clients.

We provide data-driven assessment, monitoring, and evaluation services for government agencies:

Tetra Tech analysts are steeped in numerous assessment methodologies, with a particular focus on political economy analysis, conflict analysis, and anti-corruption assessments, using program theory and participatory approaches.

  • Our political economy analysis techniques can help clients better understand the political dynamics of the countries in which they work, focusing on relationships, resources, incentives, and risks potentially affecting the success of a given initiative
  • Our approach to conflict analysis draws on the latest research on what drives conflict and helps clients better understand conflict dynamics and likely future trajectories
  • Our anti-corruption assessments highlight the dynamics of corruption in a particular country, so that program managers can design their efforts to avoid corruption-related challenges
  • Our gender equality, disability, and social inclusion assessments look at both the intended and unintended impacts of programs on marginalized populations and provide recommendations for strengthening intervention approaches

Tetra Tech has been a leading provider of monitoring and evaluation services to government agencies for more than four decades, designing and delivering research and evaluations of small- and large-scale projects, often in areas affected by conflict and violence.

We design monitoring approaches that enable clients to capture real-time data on program operations and outcomes so managers can continuously adapt programming. We have deep expertise in designing data collection systems optimized for the level of rigor a client prefers. We also design dashboards and data visualizations to make it easy to use monitoring data.

We evaluate programs to help program managers understand what is working and why and provide recommendations for improvement. Our methodologies range from rapid evaluations that take just a week or two up to full-scale randomized control trials that scientifically prove the link between a program and its outcomes.

Tetra Tech works with our clients to maximize their teams’ learning from our analytics. We collaborate with clients to design interactive learning sessions where data are presented and facilitate discussions on the implications of data for programming. We help clients determine which collaborators should participate in those discussions. As a result of our support, clients are better able to incorporate data and analytics into adaptive management and improve the performance of programs.

We strategize with our clients to reach target audiences and deliver key messages that raise awareness, develop understanding, sway opinion, and drive action. Tetra Tech has a dedicated communications team that helps clients develop effective strategies for disseminating results of analytic research for maximum impact. Our team works with clients to determine appropriate audiences and messaging strategies for each audience, documented in detailed strategic communications plans. We have the in-house capability to create publications, videos, podcasts, and graphics to convey messages effectively. Our team has strong experience with crisis communications and coaching leaders for media interviews and can help clients reach both internal and external audiences effectively.

Implementing new systems requires client teams to adjust to new processes and approaches. Our change management and organizational development team helps clients bridge the gap between vision and improved performance. What makes Tetra Tech a preferred provider of change management services is our integrated, customizable strategic approach and services that get people ready, willing, and able to implement and sustain change. We do this through championing, incentivizing, inspiring people toward desired behaviors, and communicating about the change. Our certified executive coaches work with leaders to effectively message and drive change through their organizations. We also provide training across a range of professional development topics ranging from personal effectiveness to supervision and project management.