Tetra Tech is a leader in environmental compliance solutions including training and material content reporting, with more than 30 years of experience supporting industrial and government clients in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics sectors.

Tetra Tech delivers compliance programs and strategies that balance business objectives with compliance requirements. The strength of our proactive approach lies in anticipating future requirements and implementing programs that cost-effectively manage regulatory risk.

Tetra Tech’s experience includes a diverse range of clients in the oil and gas, automotive, aerospace and defense, and electronics industries, as well as major utilities. We have completed thousands of media-specific and multimedia compliance audits for major industrial clients and government facilities. Tetra Tech also assists clients in identification and remediation of emerging contaminants such as polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

Product Compliance (REACH, RoHS, ELV/IMDS, CAMDS)

Tetra Tech is a market leader in producer responsibility and product compliance solutions. Our experienced and qualified professionals assist companies with Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) hazardous substance inventories, compliance database software management (e.g., iPoint, Dassault MCM, Assent, IMDS, CAMDS, CDX), and IMDS and CAMDS reporting. We have completed product compliance projects for more than 2,500 companies since 2001. Our services include:

  • Training on requirements and software systems (e.g., IMDS, CAMDS, CDX, Chemical Manager)
  • MSDS and SDS authoring and datasheet management, including soliciting MSDS data from supply chain and using these SDSs to complete customer SDS/CLP requirements
  • Data entry and customer report submissions (e.g., IMDS, CAMDS, CDX, iPoint IPCA, Assent Conflict Minerals, iPoint Conflict Minerals, Anti-Human Trafficking)
  • Supply chain management, including soliciting data from the client’s supply chain and reviewing the responses for completion and accuracy
  • Regulatory impact assessments, including providing analysis of future regulatory requirements’ impact on client operations (i.e. US TSCA, EU RoHS)
  • Turnkey program implementation, including full deployment of software and personnel on-site or support from remote sites

For more information about IMDS services and support, visit Tetra Tech’s IMDS Portal.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Tetra Tech delivers comprehensive compliance consulting services. Our regulatory specialists focus on identifying and managing potential environmental risk. Our services include:

  • Regulatory strategy review and consultation
  • Management system development
  • Full-scale, global, environmental reporting programs (e.g. TRI, air inventory and emissions, waste, NPDES, DMR)
  • Facility assessments and audits (e.g. management systems, compliance, Process Safety Management)
  • Permitting, including process review, applications, and modeling
  • Plan development (e.g. SPCC, ERP)

Tetra Tech is experienced with numerous third-party software applications (e.g., Sphera, Enablon, Intelex, Gensuite, Reliance) to help clients manage and interpret compliance-related data, support compliance, and measure performance.

Compliance Programs for Government Clients

Tetra Tech supports many local, state, and provincial governments and federal regulators, completing projects on their behalf that require an understanding of the latest agency policies and guidance. Our work includes field compliance oversight; permit development, review, and deficiency notifications; document review; and litigation support.

Tetra Tech also applies its extensive experience to regulatory compliance programs. These programs range from basic health and safety compliance courses to tailored, complex compliance programs of study. In the United States, this support may include hazardous waste response under Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) compliance inspector training, and full-scale disaster management exercises. We offer various additional compliance-related programs in other locations worldwide.