Organics Management

Tetra Tech assists solid waste and agricultural waste managers in transitioning to effective resource management, reusing organic waste to produce renewable products.

Tetra Tech's experts use their decades of experience managing and beneficially reusing traditional waste materials to help clients integrate organic waste management systems into existing infrastructure or build new, efficient facilities. We have extensive experience with anaerobic digestion and covered aerated static pile (CASP) facilities as well as waste characterization and green waste projects.

Organic Waste Management Services

  • Planning studies—infrastructure assessment and end-market analysis
  • Collection program design and implementation
  • Waste audits, bin evaluation, and characterization
  • Public participation and community outreach

Our organic waste management design expertise includes collection, processing, treatment, and reuse of pre-consumer and postconsumer organic material including green waste, food waste, biosolids, farm and dairy waste, forestry materials, and materials recovery facility (MRF) residue.

Tetra Tech also has extensive experience in composting facilities, anaerobic digesters, facility design and layout, transfer stations, MRFs, landfills, and biogas management systems—from waste characterization and waste shed studies to feasibility analyses.

Whether upgrading composting technology, adding anaerobic digestion, or changing the recipe going into an existing anaerobic digester at a wastewater treatment plant or stand-alone unit, Tetra Tech can help safely plan and successfully execute the project.

Aerated Static Pile Composting

  • Permitting
  • Equipment recommendations (mixing, screening, moving)
  • Pad layout
  • Air distribution design
  • Pilot plan development
  • Process logic diagrams for monitoring and operations
  • Site and civil design (drainage, traffic flow, roadway)

Anaerobic Digesters (Wet to Dry)

  • Permitting to accept food waste
  • Equipment recommendations and layout for pretreatment and material processing
  • Building design, including air handling
  • Air permitting
  • Biogas collection, distribution, treatment, conversion

Development Services

  • Due diligence and site selection
  • Feasibility and economic siting studies
  • Complete design and permitting
  • Environmental site planning
  • Ongoing compliance support
  • Construction

Waste Characterization

  • Food waste assessment methodology development
  • Participant recruitment for waste characterization surveys
  • Waste composition studies
  • Compilation and analysis of survey result data

Solid Waste Planning

  • Waste, recycling, and organics studies
  • Waste composition
  • Single-stream and multistream analysis
  • Technology evaluation
  • Evaluating air emissions
  • Waste-to-energy evaluations
  • Financial analysis
  • Public participation and community outreach

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