Tetra Tech recognizes that tremendous entrepreneurial spirit and innovation exists in the small business community. We believe that by working with smaller companies—companies that share our non-bureaucratic and flexible approach—we can form competitive, high-performance teams.

The success of our mentor-protégé relationships have resulted in multiple awards recognizing our outstanding mentor-protégé teams. Our small business partners have developed, expanded, and even become mentors in their own right.


Kiggiak EBA Consulting Ltd

Kiggiak-EBA Consulting Ltd.

Kiggiak-EBA Consulting Ltd. provides consulting engineering and environmental services in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Northwest Territories. This fully incorporated, Indigenous-owned Tetra Tech partnership has been involved in the development and construction of the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway (ITH) project.

NEHTRUH EBA Consulting Ltd

Nehtruh–EBA Consulting Ltd.

Nehtruh–EBA is a fully incorporated Indigenous-owned Tetra Tech partnership that provides consulting engineering and environmental services in the Gwich’in Settlement Area, Northwest Territories. As a multi-disciplinary consulting services company, Nehtruh-EBA provides engineering and environmental services for a broad range of infrastructure, transportation and civil engineering projects.

First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Government House, Mayo Yukon

NELPCo: A Yukon First Nations-owned Tetra Tech Partnership

NELPCo is an Aboriginal business partnership between the Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation and Tetra Tech. NELPCo provides environmental and engineering services to public and private sector clients focusing on mining, energy, community infrastructure, transportation, and development market sectors.