At Tetra Tech we value collaborating with organizations that connect us to uniquely qualified candidates. Working with our recruitment partners enables us to access a specialized range of resources and expertise and share career opportunities directly with their clients and constituents.

Tetra Tech is interested in growing its partnerships globally with post-secondary institutions and nonprofit organizations that will assist the company in expanding its inclusion efforts.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership opportunity with Tetra Tech, contact

Northeast Ohio Veterans (NEOVETS)

Tetra Tech AEG is partnering with NEOVETS to connect military families in Ohio and across the United States with placement opportunities. Tetra Tech AEG is a NEOVETS Certified Military Talent Employer (CMTE), which designates the company as a premier veteran hiring organization that provides a distinct onboarding process for veterans, access to a veteran resource group, and tailored outreach and targeted recruitment. Through this partnership, NEOVETs provides Tetra Tech AEG with training on the unique transition veterans have into the civilian work force and how to best apply their skills and experience from the military. For more information about Tetra Tech AEG’s CMTE certification, contact

The Institute of Electrical Power Engineering (IEPE)

Tetra Tech’s operation in Québec, Canada, has partnered with IEPE since 2010. IEPE aims to train specialized engineers to meet the demand of the electric industry, promotes inter-university collaboration and pooling of resources in power engineering, and involves industrial partners, such as Tetra Tech, in the training of future engineers.

Through IEPE, Tetra Tech provides an annual bursary for students to continue their power engineering training. Since 2015 we also have hired five students from the program as full-time employees and aim to hire up to four interns each year. Learn more about IEPE (in French only).