Tetra Tech’s leading expertise in water is especially useful in the far north where water resources management is integral to quality of life and sustainability of infrastructure.

Nowhere are the challenges to this vital resource as interesting and dynamic, with a complex juxtaposition of its solid and liquid forms. Seasonal changes in surface water are extreme and range from dry to flooding to frozen. Daily life, transportation, and economic development in northern regions are reliant on water. Energy, infrastructure, and industrial projects require careful planning and consideration of impacts to water resources.

Increasingly extreme freezes and thaws at Arctic latitudes create dramatic changes in both permafrost and ice coverage, and in the water cycle and balance. They also shift the icing patterns of rivers and lakes, impacting water supplies, subsistence fishing, and transportation. Tetra Tech’s water and climate experts understand the intricate balance required in this region and provide viable solutions to the complex challenges our clients face.

Nearly every project Tetra Tech undertakes in the circumpolar region relies on our water expertise. Surface water and groundwater management, potable water supply, contaminated water control and cleanup, and flood mitigation are just a few examples of the services we provide throughout the region.